Sacrificing Trump

Time to set the record straight there Mr. Kahn. I concede the sacrifice of your son for the freedoms we all enjoy in this country is beyond my ability to comprehend. I hope this country never forgets your son and his family for this, the greatest of sacrifices.

But Donald Trump has sacrificed as well.

He has sacrificed his honor.

He has sacrificed his integrity.

He has sacrificed his credibility.

He has sacrificed his rationality.

He has sacrificed his intelligence.

He has sacrificed our trust by refusing to release his tax returns.

He has sacrificed American workers for the sake of higher profits.

He has sacrificed his word of honor by dishonoring his debts and obligations.

He has sacrificed the principles of the Republican Party.

He has sacrificed the tenets of the Constitution.

He has sacrificed the essence of America, our tradition of tolerance and acceptance.

He has sacrificed the guarantees of the Bill of Rights.

He has sacrificed the foundation of this country in pursuit of his mega maniacal ego.

So, Mr. Kahn, while your son paid full price for being an American, Trump has sought to discount it by sacrificing the truth.

Let’s hope Trump has one sacrifice left, that he sacrifices victory in November.


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