The Presidential Black Hole

It would seem to many the Trump presidency is collapsing under its own weight of arrogant incompetence. Within months it will be a black hole from which nothing, not even light, can emerge.

But would this be good for the country?  Wouldn’t it be better if the process of our government, imperfect and often clumsy as it is, molded (or pounded) Mr. Trump into some form of effective President?

I, like many of you, disagree with most of his policies. For the ones I find some agreement with, I abhor their implementation. Immigration reform, changing entitlement programs which promulgate a lifestyle of government dependency instead of independence and self-sufficiency, to name just a few.

Part of me takes an almost sadistic delight in the problems, most of them self-inflicted, besieging the President. Another, less emotional, part sees his administration as an anathema to the country. His policies, pronouncements, cabinet choices, and nonsensical tweets seem to be geared to dragging America down in order to fulfill his promise of making America great again.

There is much work to do in making America better. Many aspects of our country are no longer the envy of the world. Our education system, health care, the scourge of gun violence all issues infinitely more dangerous to ordinary Americans than the perceived threat of terrorism.

We are more a danger to ourselves than anything else.

Yet I wonder if hoping for a catastrophic demise of Mr. Trump is good in the long run. I wonder if it would be better, by demonstrating that we can still control our elected officials with our efforts even after the election, we will show the world the real power of the American people?

Mr. Trump acts like a petulant child. Deflecting all responsibility for his failures on others, the lying press, the former president, etc.  As with any child, what he needs is a firm hand to guide him to maturity.

Congress just gave him a lesson in reality in which the President must work with them to accomplish his goals. The voices of America made it clear that health care is not something to be politicized.

The conservative icon Ronald Reagan, for all the god-like worship bestowed on him by the right, had a cooperative working relationship with the Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill. The ideological differences between them could not have been more stark. Yet, they found a way to cooperate.

They learned to share the toys.

Trump is still in mid-tantrum mode. Still lashing out rather than listening. But that’s what child-rearing is all about.

Let him scream and yell. Soon he’ll either learn that he must listen and act with reason and rationality, or we will take our ball and give it to someone else.

Sacrificing Trump

Time to set the record straight there Mr. Kahn. I concede the sacrifice of your son for the freedoms we all enjoy in this country is beyond my ability to comprehend. I hope this country never forgets your son and his family for this, the greatest of sacrifices.

But Donald Trump has sacrificed as well.

He has sacrificed his honor.

He has sacrificed his integrity.

He has sacrificed his credibility.

He has sacrificed his rationality.

He has sacrificed his intelligence.

He has sacrificed our trust by refusing to release his tax returns.

He has sacrificed American workers for the sake of higher profits.

He has sacrificed his word of honor by dishonoring his debts and obligations.

He has sacrificed the principles of the Republican Party.

He has sacrificed the tenets of the Constitution.

He has sacrificed the essence of America, our tradition of tolerance and acceptance.

He has sacrificed the guarantees of the Bill of Rights.

He has sacrificed the foundation of this country in pursuit of his mega maniacal ego.

So, Mr. Kahn, while your son paid full price for being an American, Trump has sought to discount it by sacrificing the truth.

Let’s hope Trump has one sacrifice left, that he sacrifices victory in November.


Trumping America

I think I have figured out the Trump phenomenon. His success in the primaries comes from supporters who behave at the maturity level of 15-year-old boys and 13-year-old girls. They are not quite children, not quite adults, and driven by raging emotional responses to anything they cannot or choose not to understand.

They are willing to sacrifice civil liberties and constitutional protections in the pursuit of fighting terrorists. They are willing to employ torture as a means justified by their mistaken belief it will protect America.

They support a candidate who said targeting families, including children, is a worthwhile military strategy. One he is prepared to order our military to carry out. Trump, with all his pride in his Ivy League education, must have skipped history and ethics. His was a poison ivy education.

Here is a quote Trump and his supporters could adopt in support of effective genocide.

Raymond D’Aguilers, a witness to the victorious end of the Crusade of 1096-1099 in Jerusalem, wrote

‘Men rode in blood up to their knees and bridle reins. Indeed, it was a just and splendid judgment of God that this place should be filled with the blood of unbelievers.’

Men, women, and children not of the Christian faith dead at the hands of the faithful. Unbelievers meaning those who believe differently than the one holding the sword or the launch codes for nuclear weapons.

Trump must believe My Lai was the most successful operation during the Viet Nam war. Unless he missed the story on TV.

Trump’s idea is not even original. Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheik Mohammed thought it a good idea. If we follow Trump’s logic, flying planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was brilliant.

This country is in a lot of trouble if anyone, let alone a candidate for the Presidency, takes such policies seriously.

They risk destroying the very freedom and moral character that built this country.

Trump screams he will lead us to Making America Great Again. By what measure? By what means? He wraps himself in the flag, portraying himself as the ultimate patriot.

To quote Samuel Johnson, “Patriotism is the refuge of the scoundrel.”

Trump’s idea of patriotism encompasses all the evil of nationalism that no rational American should condone.

Out of this fire of ignorance, Trump emerged as the poster boy of xenophobia.

This pseudo-tough, swaggering, ne’er do well spouting invectives and threatening anyone not in lockstep with him. An American version of ‘das Herrenvolk.’

A schoolyard bully picking on the weak while his “fans” stand around with their cell phones recording and posting their childish voyeuristic nonsense, afraid to stand up for what’s right.

We face the real specter of a President whose policy platform consists of acting like a junkyard dog.

During the last debate, where supporters considered jokes about the size of appendages high humor, there was only one adult on the stage. Trump was not it. Yet his supporters are okay with that.

The reality that people are fooled into believing Trump represents the best of America is frightening.

Nevertheless, he is winning the primaries. True, he is winning Republican primaries under a system rigged to favor the lead candidate; designed to minimize the chance of a brokered convention. They never imagined the rise of the Donald and his living, but brain dead, hordes.

Keep this in mind; he is winning with at best 35% of the vote. Which means 65% of the vote went against him. Many of these are winner take all contests.

Staunch conservatives, like the Tea Party and others, deserve some of the blame here. As Stephen King so aptly wrote. “Conservatives who for 8 years sowed the dragon’s teeth of partisan politics are horrified to discover they have grown an actual dragon.”

We can only hope a St. George will arrive on the scene to slay the dragon before he incinerates us all.

If Trump wins, he will have at least given us one thing of value. We will need that slogan, Making America Great Again, once his Presidency ends. I fear, if there is a Trump presidency, we’ll be singing the line from the Paul Simon song, America.”We’ve all come to look for America…”