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Joe Broadmeadow

Joe Broadmeadow, founder of JEBWizard Publishing, is the author of seven highly acclaimed books spanning the gamut from Fiction, YA Fantasy, to Non-fiction. Joe writes for two highly rated blogs, numerous print and online publications, and develops content on social media. He brings years of experience, and a team of professionals, to meet your publishing needs.

JEBWizard Publishing offers a hybrid approach to publishing. By taking a vested interest in the success of your book, we put our reputation on the line to create and market a quality publication. We offer a customized solution based on your individual project needs.

Publishing Project Planning

JEBWizard Publishing knows your book is important to you. Creating a customized project plan, manuscript evaluation, and marketability assessment is the first step to seeing your book in print.

Comprehensive Editing, Formatting, and Design services

Whether your manuscript is a first draft, or a fully completed version, the most important thing to know is you cannot edit your own work. JEBWizard Publishing offers comprehensive editing, from copyediting to proofreading to readability assessment. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Crafting a well-written, well-formatted publication, free of editing errors and with a professional flow to the material, is critical to publication success.

Marketing Plan and Project Management

Writing the book is only part of the project. Once the book is finished, and even while the book is being readied for publication, a comprehensive marketing project strategy is critical to success. No one will buy your book if they don’t know about it. JEBWizard Publishing works with you to build a marketing strategy to ensure the widest possible exposure of your book to key markets, book stores, and influential reviewers.
Elements critical to publishing success.

Here’s what Jebwizard Publishing authors have to say about their experience.

“JEBWizard Publishing took my precious story and turned it into a work of art that I can be proud of.  The editing, art work, and marketing is professional and merchandisable. A masterpiece.

I would highly recommend Jebwizard Publishing if you want your heart and soul to be represented as the treasure that it is.”

Laurin M. Haupt (Author of A Miracle at Dachau)

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