Mind Wanderings

Welcome to my blog. I will be frequently posting writings about things that catch my eye, thoughts that arise in my mind, observations, and rantings.

I hope you find some enjoyable, humorous, and infuriating. Feel free to let me know your reaction.

Writing without readers is pointless.

Joe B.

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2 thoughts on “Mind Wanderings

  1. Hello Joe, Just got the info on your Tillinghast book in my FB feed. Never heard of you but knew the Tillinghast name from a “snitch” interview I did with a Providence guy back in 1986 when I was a Drug Task Force Agent working the Old Orchard Beach, Maine area. This “snitch” helped to make me a star drug agent up here. I ran him as long as I could before the US Attorney made us cut him loose. The guy got arrested in RI and called me from ACI wanting out and willing to work. I could do nothing with him but turned him over to an ATF agent down there around 1998-1999. Got the call a few weeks later that he had gotten out and was found in the trunk of a car “wrapped in plastic, subdued with a blunt object possibly an axe, shot 9 times with wounds to his knees, elbows, etc. The guys name was Gene A. Michaud dob 10/11/49. Curious if you have ever run across the story.

    • HI Dave. I worked with Monty Monteiro and Matt Horace from ATF on a number of cases. That name isn’t familiar, but Jerry has any number of unsolved homicides to his name. A bit of background. The book was started by a news reporter who passed away. After the Crimetown Podcast on Providence that made Jerry “famous” again (if you haven’t listened to it you should, they’re in Season 2 but Season 1 is about Providence) Jerry’s lawyer, Paul DiMaio reached out to me after he read one of my novels. It’s been an interesting project. I think they’ll be more to come. While he doesn’t give up all the secrets he does offer a version of the story that will raise some eyebrows. I will see if I can find out any more.

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