Christmas 2022: What was Lost

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Dec sat in front of the fireplace, basking in the glorious warmth. The weather had turned nasty outside and everyone had been sent home early from school. It looked like it was going to be one terrible storm.

“Hey, Dec,” his grandfather said, sitting next to him on the floor. “Bit of a turn in the weather out there, eh?”

“Yeah, and now we won’t be able to go over to anyone’s house tonight. I’ll miss out on all the fun.”

“Sorry, pal. I know you look forward to hanging around with your cousins just before Christmas, but it doesn’t do any good to focus on what can’t be. Think about what we can do for fun.”

“I know, grandpa. But it’s just we’ve been planning this all year and now this storm ruined our plans.”

“Let me ask you something, Dec.”

“Okay,” Dec said, shifting around to face his grandfather.

“Do you still have your cousins?”

Dec’s eyes scrunched up. “Of course.”

“And can you change the plans to another day? There’s still a few days before Christmas for us to get together.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“Are you safe and warm in your own home with your mom and I?”


“And will this storm, no matter how bad it gets, end eventually?”

“You know it will, grandpa.”

“And when the storm ends, will we go outside, shovel the driveway, then make snow forts and snowmen and have a big snowball fight and ambush your mother?”

Dec laughed. “We did that last year and she was mad at first but then…who knew she could make snowballs so fast and throw them so well.”

“You see what I am getting at, Dec?”

Dec thought for a moment, staring into the fire. “I guess you mean there are always two ways to look at things. You can focus on what you’ve lost or your can focus on what you have. And sometimes, things aren’t ever really lost at all, they’re just delayed.”

“You are wise beyond your years, my boy. Are we making any progress on finding that Christmas spirit of yours?”

Dec watched the flames dancing in the fireplace, the effect was hypnotic.

“Earth to Dec, Earth to Dec, come in Dec,” his grandfather said, poking him in the side.

“Sorry, grandpa, the fire…”

His grandfather nodded. “You know, Dec, humans have gathered around fires since they first discovered the secret of making them. Besides what you would think they used it for—keeping warm, cooking, and chasing away animals—they would gather around and tell stories.

“In fact, for the first several thousand years, it was the only way stories were told and passed on to the next generation.” He gestured to the flame. “When you stare into a fire, especially when you’re with family or friends, you are reliving much of the history of humans on this planet.

“In a way, you’re sharing the experience of all humans. So you see, it’s a way to remember everyone who came before you and to share a moment with those who will follow. Especially at Christmas.”

Dec looked at his grandfather, then hugged the old man. “I’m not sure I’ve found it yet. But I know I am getting there, thanks to you.”

Dec’s grandfather smiled. “All I can ask is that you try, my boy, just keep looking.”

Tomorrow, the last chapter: The Circle of Life

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