Christmas 2022: The Circle of Life

Declan and his grandfather walked along the street, his grandfather waving at people out hanging Christmas decorations or loading presents into their cars.

“People are always so busy this time of year,” his grandfather said. “They should learn to slow down and enjoy life, not rush to and fro.”

“But I thought you liked all the Christmas stuff. The lights, the presents, the whole Christmas ho ho ho and jingle bells?”

“Oh, I like it well enough, but do you think that is what it’s all about?”

Declan paused a moment, thinking back on all the little adventures they’d been on looking for the lost spirit of Christmas. “No, while that is part of it, it’s not the most important part is it?”

His grandfather stopped and looked at him. “No, it’s not. Why don’t you tell me what is.”

Hold on to the memories of family and friends and they will always be with you.”

“Well, there was Sam who dresses like an elf and makes people smile despite all the challenges he faces, that’s the Christmas spirit. Then there were all those old people telling me stories about all the Christmases they remembered and how it made them laugh and smile.”

“Go on,” his grandfather said.

“And that story of how you were a grinch but grandma turned you into a good guy. I like that one, it made me really appreciate how important grandma was to us all.

“There was the night Ashley came over and we watched those shows. Even though I’ve seen them a whole bunch of times it seemed different, better. And she’s still not my girlfriend, I want nothing to do with girls.”

His grandfather laughed. “You say that now. Talk to me in a few years.”

Declan smiled as his face reddened.

“And then all those pregnant ladies buying gifts for their babies. But best of all was that first Christmas card I got from Ashley, that was really nice. Although I think the nicest part was giving her my card. Then those two elves, Socrates and Aristotle, they had so many stories about Christmas all over the world it seemed like Christmas has existed forever.”

“In some way, shape, or form it has, my boy. At least in spirit,” said his grandfather.

“I guess the Christmas spirit isn’t really something you can lose, you just don’t see it unless you remember to look for it.” He watched as his grandfather took it all in. “Is that right?”

“That’s all there is to it, my boy. The spirit lives in us all if we just look for it.” His grandfather bent down to look in Declan’s face. “You remember that and years from now, when I’m long gone and you have kids and grandkids of your own, you can make sure they always find the Christmas spirit in their lives.”

“Thanks, grandpa, I’ll never forget to look for the Christmas Spirit my whole life,” Declan said, hugging the old man…


The sound of Christmas carols wafted in the air and Declan began to stir.

“Declan,” a woman’s voice said. “Declan, come on. We have to get to dinner at the kid’s house. They need to get the grandkids to bed. They’ll be all wound up since it is Christmas Eve.”

Declan shook his head, clearing the fog. “Sorry, Ash, I must have dozed off. I was having the most amazing dream about the time my grandfather helped me find the spirit of Christmas. Some of it seemed almost magic.”

His wife, Ashley, smiled. “Your grandfather did have a bit of magic about him. I remember that year. In fact,” she tapped her lips.” Wait here a moment,” and she dashed upstairs. Walking back down the stairs a few moments later, she held something behind her back. “Close your eyes.”

“Oh no, I’m not falling for that again.” Declan said, backing away. “I hate snakes.”

“Please, Dec. I promise this will make you smile. No snakes…you big baby.”

Declan shook his head, then closed his eyes.

“Put out your hand.”

“Okay, but if this is a trick I will…” He felt something like paper in his hand.

“Open your eyes, Dec,” his wife said, putting her arms around him.

Opening his eyes, he held an envelope. A bit worn on the edges, but still mostly intact. On the front, in a child’s scrawl, was written, Ashley Brown. Gently opening the flap, he pulled out the Christmas card he had given Ashley all those years ago. Yellowed a bit, and faded, but still like he remembered it.

“You kept it? All this time?”

She smiled, “Of course I did. Your grandfather told me I should hold onto it. He said I would know when the right moment to show you arrived. It would remind us of being young and finding the Christmas spirit. I wonder how he knew we’d end up together?”

“He was one unique guy, wasn’t he? I still miss him.” as a small tear came to his eyes.

“Dec, remember what he said, ‘Hold on to the memories of family and friends and they will always be with you.’”

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And so ends the Christmas story for 2022. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here’s to a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all.

I hope you always find the Christmas spirit all the days of your lives. Remember to hold onto your memories and take pleasure in making new ones.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!

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  2. Merry Christmas to you, Joe, and thanks for a charming story that I read every day! Fun and bright! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

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