Christmas 2022: There Must Have Been Some Magic…

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Long after dark, Dec heard voices wafting up from the living room. He sat up in his bed trying to make out the words.

“He’s a little young, don’t you think?” one voice said, sounding like a cross between a child and Muppet.

“We all have to learn sometimes,” said another, older yet with the same cartoonish character. “He’s ready and what better time than now?”

“Okay, but if he gets scared, it is on you,” came the reply.

A moment later, a light flickered under Dec’s door, the shadows dancing around the room. Then his door began to open. A tiny hand, holding a greenish tinted candle, appeared, followed by a small elf barely as tall as the door knob,

The elf, dressed all in green except for his red hat, peered around the room. A second elf, taller but not by much, pushed past the first and came right over to the bed.

Dec pulled the covers up tight around him.

“Hi, Dec. How are you?” said the elf.

“Dreaming?” Dec answered, “I hope.”

The elf laughed.

“Shhh” said the one holding the candle. “You’ll wake up the whole house.”

“I’m already awake,” said Dec’s grandfather, walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed. “You guys are the noisiest elves in the world.”

“You know these, ah, elves?” asked Dec.

“Oh yeah, I’ve known them for years, I didn’t know they were going to pick this year to introduce themselves to you, but here we are,” he turned to face the elves. “Shall I do the introductions?”

The elves nodded, crowding around the bed and smiling at Dec.

“Okay,” Dec’s grandfather laughed. “Dec, this is Aristotle” pointing to the elf with the candle, “and Socrates. Two of the elves you’ve heard tell about in legend.”

He leaned down to whisper in Dec’s ear, “Although not the sharpest tools in the shed if you get my drift.”

“Hey,” said Aristotle, “I resemble that remark.”

Dec’s grandfather shook his head. “See what I mean.”

Dec sat up and studied the two. “Elves named Socrates and Aristotle? Doesn’t sound very elfish.”

“Neither does Hermie, but everybody loves him in Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer,” said Aristotle. “I happen to think they are elephant.”

“You mean elegant?” Dec said.

“Yeah, that too.”

“So get on with it,” said Dec’s grandfather. “He has school tomorrow and does need to sleep a bit.”

The two elves climbed up onto the bed, one on each side of Dec, and a globe appeared out of thin air. The elves told stories about the many trips Santa made and some of the more unusual Christmases they had seen.

During the stories, Dec kept looking at his grandfather who just smiled and listened.

The elves finished their tale with an explanation about how their job, the most important job of all the elves in the world, was to find people who had lost their Christmas spirit and help them believe again.

“So, how’d we do?” Socrates asked. “You might get an email asking you to rate our work. We appreciate all fives if that’s okay with you. Remember, we have a lot of influence with the big guy.”

“Socrates!” said Aristotle, “what do I say about threatening the people we visit. He can make his own choice on how he rates us.” Aristotle turned to Dec, smiling a huge smile. “But fives are always appreciated.”

“Okay, boys,” said Dec’s grandfather. “You’ve told the stories and made your point. Time to go.”

The two elves hopped down from the bed, waved at Dec, then vanished into thin air.

Dec’s eyes grew heavy as he tried to stay awake. “Grandpa, was this all real?”

“Shh, my boy. Go to sleep for now and we can talk in the morning…”

That morning, as Dec dressed for school, he kept looking around his room for any signs that what happened was real. Finding none, he decided it had to be a dream.

Walking down the stairs, he could smell an unusual aroma. There was something familiar about it, but he couldn’t quite figure it out.

His grandfather sat at the table drinking coffee and talking to Dec’s mother.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” Dec’s mom said. “I’ve made some French toast with cinnamon for you.”

“Ah, that’s what I smelled, I couldn’t tell what it was.”

Putting the dish in front of Dec, his mom bent down and kissed him. “It might have been the cinnamon. Or it might have been your grandfather here experimenting with scented candles. He thinks he’s the new Yankee Candle company.”

Dec looked at his grandfather, who smiled and shrugged.

Finishing his breakfast, Dec started for the door. He glanced to see if his mom was watching, then whispered to his grandfather. “Did something happen last night, or was I dreaming?”

Dec’s grandfather smiled. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about but this time of year anything is possible.”

Dec eyed the man, a bit suspiciously, but let it go, As he made his way to the door, he turned back. His grandfather was laying out some paper on the table. He had several bottles of oils and some tools next to him.

Just as Dec opened the door, his grandfather said, “Have a great day.”

Dec turned back to see his grandfather smiling as he held up a partially burned green-tinted candle.

Dec shook his head then went out. As he walked down the walkway, he could hear his grandfather singing “There must have been some magic…

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