Circumcision Decision: Saving Willy’s Willy

There is a crisis lurking in America. Weed whacking of baby penises. The scourge of circumcision is upon us. Chopping away at our most vulnerable innocent members (of society and otherwise.)2016-04-14_circumcision_protest_joshua-guerra52991

This is not Fake news!

Blood stained men (See link here) is an organization that seeks to stop the carnage. They decry the cruelty of cropping off a portion of little Willy’s willy as cruel and unconscionable.

Their protest consists of men (and some women) dressed all in white with blood-stained crotches. Carrying signs and singing “Don’t be silly, don’t chop his Willy.” “Keep your hands off his Man.”

Hacking the “Johnson” of Baby Johnson is a crisis that may bring America to its knees.

Unveiling one’s one-eyed monster, as a helmet or an anteater, in your intimate encounters should be a choice. One made as a rational adult, not imposed on one by tyrannical parents.

The foreskin is your skin. Shouldn’t the decision be?

Although there is a line in the Biblical that assigns the task of gathering 1000 foreskins. Perhaps it’s like the old practice of collecting bottle caps. The prize might be achieving eternal heavenly glory.

But this must stop, even if it is in the Bible.

Think about it, as an infant the choice is out of your hands. For the better part of a year or so the object in question is out of your control as well.

Should not the vintner decide when to prune the vine?

Who can say that bobbing the yak is a good idea? Or when?

We can treat it as another rite of passage to adulthood. Like any other skill, part of learning to use tools is learning to care for them. Why should gaining the knowledge of the tools of sexuality be any different?

Your tool, your choice.

Imagine the scene. Little Dickie comes home from school, all wide-eyed and confused. He looks to his father.

“Dad, what’s circumcision? Some of my friends say they’re getting one.”

“I’m glad you asked, son. We’ve been waiting for you to reach this age. You’re growing up and the choice is yours. So, a circumcision is….”

Dick’s eyes grow wider as the explanation sinks in.

“So, son,” Dad says. “When do you think? Ready to have it done?”

“Are you out of your F#*#*ng mind?”




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