Immoral Relativism

The natural phenomenon of spin has now ramped up fully, comparing the protests of last year over various incidents involving the police with the recent insurrection at the Capitol.  The tactic is to compare the violence and pass a judgement that the incident in the Capitol was somehow better or less violent.

It’s the old, “yeah DC was bad, but Portland was worse so there…”

The cry is Democrats characterized the protests over racial disparities in the country as mostly peaceful despite the incidents of violence and property destruction.  Such characterization is fraudulent and false on its face. Mostly peaceful means mostly not completely.

While violence and destruction of property is never justified, there is something inherently and more dangerously wrong when protests attack the seat of government. In particular when they do so based on a lie.

But if we’re going to play the moral relativism game let’s use facts. Here’s the total numbers of arrests from several of the more violent protests over racial issues and the arrests from the incident in DC.

If you look closely, you may see a disturbing pattern emerge.  

Protests in Minneapolis the day after George Floyd’s deathMay 26, 2020570
Protests in Ferguson, MO after Mike Brown’s deathAugust 10, 2014400
Protests during Trump’s inaugurationJanuary 20, 2017234
Protests in Washington D.C. following George Floyd’s deathJune 1, 2020194
Protests in Louisville, KY after the Breonna Taylor grand jury decisionSeptember 25, 2020179
Insurrection at the CapitolJanuary 6, 202169
Charlottesville Unite the Right rallyAugust 12, 20178

So, using these numbers, it would seem this administration takes a very hardline stance against those violently protesting racial disparity—of which there is ample evidence—and a more mild stance against those violently trying to subvert an election—which was based on a profoundly disturbing lie.

Now before someone raises the argument that the low count of arrests in DC was because the police were outnumbered and could not arrest then, but they will in the future, let me address that. The police were outnumbered, left out to dry by those in charge. They were unprepared for the violence because those in command didn’t see the threat or were too intimidated by those who orchestrated the protest, i.e., the President of the United States, to do their job. One might also make the argument they were color-blind to the problem, something they did not suffer at protests sparked by racial issues.

While violence is never justified, twisting facts to suit one’s tunnel-vision view of reality is hardly justification for whitewashing what was clearly an attempt to overthrow the government. There is no moral relativism justification for violence but I would argue that violence spawned by lies and falsehoods for the purpose of subverting the government deserves its own level of revulsion.


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Circumcision Decision: Saving Willy’s Willy

There is a crisis lurking in America. Weed whacking of baby penises. The scourge of circumcision is upon us. Chopping away at our most vulnerable innocent members (of society and otherwise.)2016-04-14_circumcision_protest_joshua-guerra52991

This is not Fake news!

Blood stained men (See link here) is an organization that seeks to stop the carnage. They decry the cruelty of cropping off a portion of little Willy’s willy as cruel and unconscionable.

Their protest consists of men (and some women) dressed all in white with blood-stained crotches. Carrying signs and singing “Don’t be silly, don’t chop his Willy.” “Keep your hands off his Man.”

Hacking the “Johnson” of Baby Johnson is a crisis that may bring America to its knees.

Unveiling one’s one-eyed monster, as a helmet or an anteater, in your intimate encounters should be a choice. One made as a rational adult, not imposed on one by tyrannical parents.

The foreskin is your skin. Shouldn’t the decision be?

Although there is a line in the Biblical that assigns the task of gathering 1000 foreskins. Perhaps it’s like the old practice of collecting bottle caps. The prize might be achieving eternal heavenly glory.

But this must stop, even if it is in the Bible.

Think about it, as an infant the choice is out of your hands. For the better part of a year or so the object in question is out of your control as well.

Should not the vintner decide when to prune the vine?

Who can say that bobbing the yak is a good idea? Or when?

We can treat it as another rite of passage to adulthood. Like any other skill, part of learning to use tools is learning to care for them. Why should gaining the knowledge of the tools of sexuality be any different?

Your tool, your choice.

Imagine the scene. Little Dickie comes home from school, all wide-eyed and confused. He looks to his father.

“Dad, what’s circumcision? Some of my friends say they’re getting one.”

“I’m glad you asked, son. We’ve been waiting for you to reach this age. You’re growing up and the choice is yours. So, a circumcision is….”

Dick’s eyes grow wider as the explanation sinks in.

“So, son,” Dad says. “When do you think? Ready to have it done?”

“Are you out of your F#*#*ng mind?”




Trump’s Victory: What’s to Explain?

This is the season of the whining of America.

The media is inundated with stories of wailing and gnashing of teeth across America over the election victory of Donald Trump.

I got to experience the nonsense personally having to sit in traffic on an interstate highway in Denver so a bunch of crybabies could vent. I support their right to free speech. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean it shouldn’t accomplish something valuable.

All they did was delay several thousand people from their freedom of life. When the police finally cleared the highway, Trump was still the president-elect and I was at a loss to understand their empty, useless expression of ignorance.

Across the country, schools are holding counseling sessions, delaying exams, offering “safe zones” for people to cry and sob over this apparent national disaster.

People are at a loss to explain it. Cries to dismantle the Electoral College abound. More than half of Americans who voted apparently don’t understand the very process by which we’ve operated since we started electing presidents.

I have one question, what’s to explain?

Trump won. Clinton lost.

The problem may be a symptom of our giving out trophies to teams that go 0-18 in Little league. Don’t worry little Johnny or Sally, you guys came in number 10 out of 10. You did your best.

I don’t want to live in a system where doing your best is the benchmark.  I want to live in a system where, if your best is to finish last as a baseball player, you have an opportunity to excel at something else.

“So, doctor, I see here it says you did your best during your surgical rotation. That’s great, good job. Just do you best when you perform open heart surgery on me. Remember, if you do your best that’s all anyone can ask”

Not in my world.

In the real world, Trump won. You don’t have to like it. You can work to undo it in four years. But you cannot alter the fact by carrying meaningless signs and throwing a temper tantrum.

The electoral college, as enshrined in our constitution as Freedom of Speech and the Second Amendment, is the way our election system works. The problem lies in the dumbing down of Americans and ignoring their obligation to understand the process.

We, the people, are the problem.

I am willing to bet half the people in this country couldn’t name five presidents. They wouldn’t know their congressional districts, the name of their US Senator, or be able to explain the branches of government.

I bet many Americans think the Electoral College was in the Final Four last year.

There are more than 300 million Americans. Many of them are qualified to be president. Yet, we offered up two of the worst candidates ever.

The same people bemoaning the victory of Trump over Clinton seem to ignore the greatest act of political embezzlement ever in Clinton’s nomination. The same party leading the tears over their loss were more than happy to circumvent the system when it suited them.

They wanted to make history. They did that and more if anyone is paying attention. They sold the soul of the democratic party, under the guise of promoting a woman for president, to the highest bidder; the Clinton dynastic machine.

They denigrated the Bush monarchy and then tried to emulate it.

While they blindly marched to their expected entitlement, a bunch of Americans said enough is enough.

You cannot tell us who we can choose. You took away our choice and sent us, reluctantly but in sufficient numbers, to choose someone else and doom your candidate.

I did not vote for Trump. I voted for what I believed to be the lesser of two evils. Will Trump’s presidency turn out to be a disaster? No one can say. But crying and sobbing and screaming and yelling does nothing.

Seeking a change in the electoral college process may be worth discussing but, in another example of the genius of the founding fathers, making such a change is complicated. Something those screaming the loudest don’t understand despite the fact they are the very reason why it is complicated.

We don’t change a system of government because some are unhappy with the results of an election. For those of you struggling to explain the Trump victory to your children, here’s a simple idea.

Turn off the TV and make them READ about how our government works. Letting the media explain the workings of the government is equivalent to child abuse.

Trump won. The Electoral College is the law. If that bothers you, the next series of Congressional elections is two years away, start preparing now.

I see something good arising from this election. Both parties were handed a defeat. One by their own hand and one who had their hands tied by the wave of frustrated Americans. Perhaps the parties will start to listen to all Americans, not just those party apparatchiks trying to maintain the system.

If you want to ensure a better America for your kids. If you want to ensure there IS a better America to pass on to your kids. Then start to work for term limits for Congress. We term limited the President for very good reasons. Assuming for argument’s sake that Trump is a bad president, there is a chance to remove him from office in four years (with sufficient electoral votes.)

Failing that, the worst we must endure is 8 years. I would hope, before the next election, we can find candidates that inspire people to vote for them, not against them.

Here’s Why Black Lives Matter Fails: Fighting the Wrong Battle

Headline Milwaukee, Police shoot and kill a 23-year old man who was ARMED with a stolen handgun. The man pointed the gun at the police officer, refused to drop the weapon, and was shot and killed.

Protests break out.

Police face violent crowds.

Police cars burn. Property damaged. Looting ensues. Innocent people injured.


Someone misread the text message or Facebook post.

The guy was armed with a stolen handgun that he pointed at the police officer and refused to drop it when told.

How many of those “angry” protesters would offer the same opportunity if someone pointed a weapon at them?

I can tell you, none. They’d either run away or, if they had a weapon, shoot first. Yet, they expect the cop to find some alternative way short of returning fire. They are quite willing to sacrifice the officer’s life.

By rioting over the shooting death of a man who had every opportunity to drop the weapon, they demean their cause and make themselves look foolish.

There are many legitimate issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement. The message may be difficult to accept but necessary for us to address the issue of racism. But I can tell you this, even someone like myself who readily admits to the racism issue with law enforcement, and society in general, loses respect when people react in such a manner.

Protest peacefully, advocate in the courts, poke the American people out of their comfortable ignorance as needed.

But once you burn cities over the actions of a criminal you lose your credibility and you give back any gains your efforts have made.

Perhaps if you were as vocal about the proliferation of firearms in the hands of criminals and their crimes you would find a great deal more support of your goals.

If the flames of a burning police car reflect your anger, you’ve lost.