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Our Secret Weapon Against Laptop Bombs: Flight Attendants

The news is troubling. Terrorists may have found a way to place explosives in laptops that are undetectable by current technology. We need a new weapon to combat this new weapon. We have a ready-made, highly-trained, in-place force to serve … Continue reading

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America’s Long Walk on a Short Pier

The America I know, the one that once served as a bright shining beacon to the world, is changing. Our headlong panic rush to insulate, rather than defend, ourselves from those that would do us harm is disheartening. Talk of … Continue reading

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Insights from 60 Revolutions of the Sun

In my now sixty complete revolutions of the sun, I am struck by how much the world has changed and how little people have progressed. We are a single race. The human race. Yet, one is hard-pressed to find examples … Continue reading

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Rationality is Overrated: Time for America to Face Her Problems

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. Perhaps it is time for the vitriol of hate and fear to win. Perhaps it is time we obliterate an entire group of people based on their common religion. Perhaps it is time us to consider a policy of irrationality. … Continue reading

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Trumping America

I think I have figured out the Trump phenomenon. His success in the primaries comes from supporters who behave at the maturity level of 15-year-old boys and 13-year-old girls. They are not quite children, not quite adults, and driven by … Continue reading

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Using Apple to take a Bite out of Crime

As most of us know, (and if this is news, you should pay more attention), the Justice department sought Apple Computer’s assistance in bypassing the security encryption on an iPhone. Not just any phone, but the phone used by the … Continue reading

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Tormented by Choice

All of us face choices in our lifetime. Some of these can affect a moment, a day, or a lifetime. Often, we face ridicule and torment from those who follow a different path. Does the toilet paper roll go over … Continue reading

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