Our Secret Weapon Against Laptop Bombs: Flight Attendants

The news is troubling. Terrorists may have found a way to place explosives in laptops that are undetectable by current technology. We need a new weapon to combat this new weapon.

We have a ready-made, highly-trained, in-place force to serve this purpose.

Flight attendants.

Can you imagine how pissed off flight attendants will be if they have to entertain a plane full of whiny, short-attention afflicted passengers denied access to their mind-numbing devices? Picture a cabin full of the in-flight needy, the attendant call buttons flashing like alarms, seeking someone to relieve their boredom.

That someone will be the flight attendants. The Captain and First Officer will be safe in their locked cockpit. That door will never open.

You forcefully separate people from their laptops, make them read a real book or, the horrors, have a conversation with a stranger and you are setting the stage for a nightmare in the air.

So, announce to the flight attendants that passengers cannot use laptops in-flight. Let them consider what 10 or 12 hours of being the sole entertainment for electronically addicted passengers in withdrawal banging away at the call buttons will be like.

Then, let them loose on ISIS et.al.

The war will be over faster than coffee service on a short hop flight.

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