But It’s a Dry Heat

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Friends, New Englanders, Countrymen.

I come to describe the heat in Arizona, not to praise it.

For it is hot here every day, but it is a dry heat.

It gives me pleasure to stand under blue skies and blazing sun.

Knowing the relief of air conditioning—though thou art despised—churns nearby

The thermometers reading three digits just after sunrise…

But it is dry heat.

Thine enemy humidity but a mere shadow of the evil it brings to the east coast and New England

For here it is dry heat.

I was forewarned of the experience we would endure as the calendar passed from May into June and the temps soared.

But it is dry heat.

The monotony of cloudless blue skies, bright sun, and 100+ degree days will soon be broken by the arrival of monsoons, such a relief.

But it will still be a dry heat, with the occasional deluge.

Then the “dog days” of summer—the rising of Sirius the dog star being the reason for the name not a droop-tongue mongrel desperate for shade—will be upon as the cool of the Arizona evening will hover in the 90s.

But it is dry heat.

Blister Beetle

Yet in this dry heat, no matter how hot it may seem, nary a hurricane or tornado shall cross our path. Yes, the occasional rattlesnake or Gila monster may wander by. Or a scorpion or two. Or the rather beautiful but accurately named blister beetle may saunter through the yard, but nothing unbearable.

If one is lucky, you can see the phenomenon of a Road Runner—the model of that loveable cartoon character—capture and shake a rattlesnake to death. A bit of shock when one remembers the “Beep! Beep!”

And it happens only in this dry heat.

The easiest job in the world is meteorologist in Phoenix, AZ. “Today will be hot, tomorrow hotter, next day cooling trend down to a high of 99, followed by months of 100+ temperatures.

But it is dry heat.

I’ve also discovered a bit of a mental trick, similar to adjusting your watch to other time zones to minimize jet lag. I set my phone to display the temperature in Celsius. Thus today will be a cool 38 degrees and next week we may warm up to a tolerable 46 degrees.

I’ll wait while you google the conversion…….

But there lies a promise enduring this weather. The summer equinox has passed. The days grow shorter. Fall approaches and I can reset my phone to Fahrenheit. Because on the heels of Fall comes Winter when the dry heat here will bathe us in bliss while in New England it will be warmer inside your freezers than outside.

I look forward to it. I’ll send pictures.

Because it is dry heat.

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