Occam’s Razor Cuts Deep on this One

There is no doubt everyone has heard of this case. A young man was shot while at the wrong address to pick up his siblings. (Link to story)

And there will be a deluge of words arguing the issue. But, as Occam’s Razor illustrates, the simplest explanation, and the one we must confront if we are to survive as a free and equal society, is the best explanation.

This young man was shot because he was…


Attempting to break in

Acting in a threatening manner

Exhibiting violent behavior


Simple, tragic, and in direct opposition to what (should) Make America Great…

We can hope the blatant nature of this incident will serve to move the country to action. But, from its mythical creation rising from Pandora’s Box, hope must overcome all that preceded it into the world.

Hope is not enough.

I look forward to the contortionist explanations of how this is precisely why the Second Amendment is unalterable and gun manufacturers immune from litigation (If this had been a car accident, the deep-pocket theory would kick in and everyone from the car company and tire company to whoever installed the red light to the heirs of the guy’s driving instructor would be sued.)

2 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor Cuts Deep on this One

  1. Joe B:

    You and Howard Zinn are right on! I hope that the young man fully recovers, and goes on to have a happy life despite this terrible experience.

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