Against a Cerulean Sky…

For us, travel to the Caribbean has become almost like a second home. We usually journey to Aruba, but this time we returned to the Dominican Republic. We’ve been here several times, but not in the last decade or so.

There was no particular reason for our not coming here, just the plans and vagaries of life.

Whenever I venture to the Caribbean—Aruba or otherwise—there is one thing I always look forward to seeing. Unlike perhaps the majority who seek the sun, the rum, the casinos, the beach, or the warmth, I look forward to seeing this one thing that brings me peaceful relaxation.

Lying on a chair, looking to the sky, I search for the first of the graceful frigate birds riding the thermal currents.

Framed by puffy clouds against a deep cerulean sky, I watch these magnificent birds effortlessly navigate life. I imagine myself with such a skill, gliding through the air, warmed by the sun, with a view of the world untroubled by the harsh realities.

This brings me the rejuvenation of rest and relaxation that others seek in more traditional activities.

The simple act of lying there and watching these birds, whose existence I will only see for the briefest of moments, is reason enough to come here. The warm sun, the gentle Caribbean waves, and the continuous trade winds are the accompanying musicians to this symphony of life.

It is the best show on earth.

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