The Day After Christmas: Part V

“These people understand that life is a constant series of changes and what has happened, has happened. We cannot change the past. They understand this. They have learned that the key to a good life is to Celebrate what you had, and what you have, not dwell on what you’ve lost.”
Emily smiled. “So by doing that, they hold on to the Christmas Spirit no matter what happens in their lives.”
“It’s as simple as that,” said Emma. “Now where to next?”

From The Day After Christmas: Part IV

Part V: The Joy of Giving

Emily leaned over and plugged the next coordinates into the GPS. “Next stop is…hmm. Wait a minute, let me recheck this.” She opened her laptop, punched the keys, shrugged, then confirmed the entry.

“Something wrong?” asked Emma.

“No, just a little confused. The next location is a Children’s Hospital in Bogota, Columbia. They treat cancer patients there. I’m just a little surprised it would be one of the places where happiness is increasing the Christmas Spirit.”

Emma smiled. “Never underestimate the power of the human heart, my dear.” And with a flick of her wrists, the sleigh rose into the air and headed to South America.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye—of course it would, this is Santa’s sleigh—they found themselves landing on the rooftop of the hospital. Emily sat for a moment in the sleigh, unsure of what she might find.

“Come on, my dear. I think this is going to be very informative for our little investigation.”

The two walked down some stairs, opened a door into a corridor, then followed some nurses into a large open room. Inside, they found about thirty kids, from little ones of four or five to teenagers, all working on cards and small craft projects.

Emily walked over to one of the groups. A teenage girl helped two small children draw pictures and paste them into greeting cards. At another table, two older boys put Christmas ornaments into packages and placed labels on them.

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“What are they doing?” Emily asked.

“They’re making gifts for the poor for next year,” said Emma.

“They’re making gifts?” Emily said, her eyes giving away her surprise. “But they are all very sick, why would they be making gifts for others? Shouldn’t they be the ones people send gifts to to cheer them up?”

“Because they also understand about not focusing on things they cannot control,” said Emma. “And they understand another truth about living a happy life.”

“What’s that?”

Emma put her arm around Emily.

“It’s quite simple, my dear. Something Santa and I and the elves have known for centuries. The joy of gifts is in the giving.

“It’s that simple, isn’t it?” said Emily.

“It’s that simple. Now let’s leave them to their fun and move on.”

Part VI: A True Friend

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