The Day After Christmas: Part IV

… “Ready Mrs.… I mean Emma.” With that, Emily punched the information into the GPS, then snuggled back next to Emma. I haven’t even left yet, and I already uncovered one surprise. I wonder what else I might discover.
In a flash, the reindeer leapt into the sky and they were off…

From The Day After Christmas: Part III

Part IV: The First Secret

“So, where are we off to first?” said Emma.

Emily reached toward the GPS and enlarged the view. “It’s a small village in the Austrian Alps called Erinnerung Dorf. I think I said that correctly.”

“You did, my dear, sounds German.”

Emma guided the reindeer as they descended into the cold, quiet village. The deserted streets seemed sad and lonely. Snow swirled in the air. As they landed, they came to a stop next to a small church. It was clear there had been a terrible fire, and the building was only recognizable by the steeple in the pile of rubble.

“Oh my,” said Emily, “this looks like it happened within the last few days.”

Emma touched her on the shoulder and pointed. A large group of villagers walked down the street—women, girls, boys, and men—some carrying tools, some driving trucks bearing lumber, some holding baskets of food.

And they were all singing, laughing, almost dancing as they made their way to the burned-out church.

Emily pulled back, afraid of what the people might think when they saw them. Emma took her hand.

“They can’t see us, Emily. To them, we are invisible. We need to see what’s going on here without letting our being here change anything. So what do you think is happening?”

“Well, there’s obviously been a fire and it would seem they have banded together to rebuild the church, but it is strange how happy they are. I mean, this fire must have happened on Christmas and ruined their day. Perhaps someone may have been hurt. Clearly the church is important to them and it is destroyed. And yet, they’re singing and laughing like it’s the best day of the year.”

“And indeed it is,” said Emma. “They understand one of the most important lessons of life.”

“And what’s that?”

Emma smiled at the tiny elf trying to understand such joy amid such devastation and loss. She knelt down and looked her in the eye.

“These people understand that life is a constant series of changes and what has happened, has happened. We cannot change the past. They understand this. They have learned that the key to a good life is to Celebrate what you had, and what you have, not dwell on what you’ve lost.”

Emily smiled. “So by doing that, they hold on to the Christmas Spirit no matter what happens in their lives.”

“It’s as simple as that,” said Emma. “Now where to next?”

Part V: The Joy of Giving

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