The Speech Mr. Trump Will Never Give

My fellow Americans, on January 6, 2021 the nation’s capital was rocked by violence and rioting with many unlawfully entering the US Capitol building. This breech of security and violent action cannot, and will not, be tolerated.

I have directed the FBI and other federal law enforcement organizations to vigorously investigate and, if the evidence warrants, charge any individuals who violated the law. This attempted intervention into preventing the lawful and constitutional operation of government failed and will always fail under our democracy.

Vigorous debate is the hallmark of our system. It is our differences, our diversity, our unique American perspectives that drive our greatness. We can all disagree on the path forward, but we can never stop our forward progress.

If my words and actions over my demand for a careful review and revision of election laws gave anyone the impression I was encouraging taking the law into their own hands, you are mistaken. My intent was not to incite violence or opposition to the lawful transition of power but to insure the cause of improving the security of our elections, to guarantee the right of every legal voter to cast their vote, and to eliminate fraud.

To those who twisted my words into a call for violence, I urge you to step back from such actions and seek change within the laws of this great nation. We do not assault Police Officers, nor do we tolerate anyone who does. It is beneath the dignity of being American.

The cause for which we have worked these last four years, to make America Great Again, has accomplished much. Our country is stronger, our military well prepared, and our economy resilient. We have faced many challenges and will face more in the future. But we must do so within the law.

As I take leave of the Office of the President of the United States I pledge I will not abandon our cause. I will stand with all Americans and fight for the continued progress toward greatness. This is not the end of our quest, not the beginning of the end, it is the end of the beginning and we shall continue to work within the law to forge a great American future.

God bless you, protect our troops, and God bless America.

He could, but he won’t and the opportunity to do some good will be forever lost.


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