Rats Abandoning the Ship

In times of crisis, when the President’s actions place the country in grave jeopardy, that is when real character shows. We face the clear problem of a dangerous and likely deranged President who, while there may be only twelve days left to his term, cannot be trusted with the country’s safety and security.

Cabinet members have rightly been discussing invoking the 25th Amendment.  In 1967, after thirty-eight states ratified the Amendment, it became part of the Constitution to protect the country’s safety and security from an incapacitated President.

Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship | Weber Sentinel News | Serving the Great  Constitution of the United States

The act requires a majority of the Cabinet members to determine the President can no longer discharge his duties lawfully and effectively. This begins the process of removing him from office.

It requires the Cabinet to put the good of the country before anything else.

We are seeing Cabinet members, who aligned themselves with the political philosophy of Donald Trump and embraced his policies of fraud and deception since the election, running for the doors because their conscience was shocked by the events of January 6th.

Their “shock” seems awfully convenient.

Perhaps, at the risk of engaging in baseless and unsupported conspiracy theories so enamored of this President and his minions, they are doing their masters bidding, hoping to derail the process so Trump won’t carry the burden of being the first President removed from office under the 25th Amendment. I’ll go with my first instinct, cowardice is the simplest explanation (as a side note, Trump will bear the burden throughout history of the first President to openly incite insurrection.)

Actions speak louder than words; cowardly acts scream at us. We are being screamed at.

This is not the time to resign. This is not a situation where a President has ordered a policy for which you have objections and feel you must leave instead of support it. This is a the time to take a stand. If you are presented with a choice under the 25th Amendment, make your choice. If you think this President is competent to complete his term, say so. If you think he is not, say so. This is your moment to show the content of your character, not duck for cover.

This is a time when you show your commitment to the good of the country, not run away at the sound of the first gunshot.

Secretary of Education Elisabeth Prince DeVos and Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao (the wife of soon to be Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell) have done just that. They have abandoned ship like the proverbial rats, looking to avoid their responsibilities to the country.

There may only be twelve days left to this nightmare of a President, but he still holds the keys to the country and can wreak much havoc left unchecked. It would do us well to remember the names of those who abandoned us in this time of crisis.


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