R.O.A.R.: Simple Rules for American Lives

If the evidence is to be believed, something that should be, well, self-evident, the US is performing like an amateur boxer facing Muhammed Ali when it comes to managing the pandemic.

At just over 4.4% of the world’s population, we hold the unenviable claim to almost 25% of the world’s cases of COVID-19. Plus 138,358 of the 577,954 who have died so far. But this is not a criticism of our response as a nation, there is plenty already written about that.

No, this is more personal.

This is a criticism of our behavior as something that transcends our status as Americans. It is our conduct as humans that requires serious attention.

Somehow, in our impatience, sense of entitlement, or just plain selfishness, we seem to have forgotten our responsibilities and covered them over with a claim to certain rights.

If we would just learn to R. O. A. R with common decency, we might rehabilitate ourselves in the eyes of the world (and perhaps save a few Americans from needless death.)

Rights carry Obligations, and Ability is tempered by Responsibilities.

Roar, you say? How does one roar and keep a semblance of rationality? Easy, like the memory aids we all learned as children, if one follows these simple steps.

Rights are inherent to all humans, they are enshrined in our Constitution, but these rights come with…

Obligations. We have an obligation to behave in a manner that does not put others at risk. These obligations may present a roadblock to certain things you wish to do. But do not confuse can with should. There is a difference. And it is defined as…

Abilities. You can do or refuse to do many things. Wearing a mask to protect your fellow humans is a simple yet effective example. You can wear a mask, or you can refuse, but wearing one implies you understand another cornerstone of mature behavior…

Responsibility. We must be responsible for our behavior toward others. And we have a reasonable expectation for them to behave responsibly in kind.

So there you have it. Remember this simple meme.


Rights carry Obligations, and Ability is tempered by Responsibilities.

It’s not that hard.  

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