Excerpt from Forbidden Emotions: The Key to Healing by Marti Murphy

Living a Liberated Life

The Before Picture

“You are a smart, driven, responsible person. If you get honest with yourself, you will say your life’s not bad, but it does not feel good either. There are times, especially in the wee hours of the morning when you wake up and can’t go back to sleep, that something inside of you just knows “there’s got to be more.” In these moments of longing, you feel that somehow, you are missing the boat, but you are not sure where the boat is or, if you found it, how to board it.

You think you’ve found “that thing” and get excited trying to create this elusive “more.” You might even make some progress, but before you know it, despite your best efforts, you are back to square one and telling yourself, “my life is not that bad” until you hear about friends or acquaintances building their dream home, or who just retired and are traveling the world, or are moving to a new exotic place to start a new adventure or more importantly those who seem to be fulfilled, despite whatever worldly possessions or achievements they have or don’t have.

You want to feel happy for them, but all you can do is feign excitement because deep down you are envious. It is in these moments you fall back into this place of longing for more. What appears to be their good fortune hammers home the feeling that you are just settling and that something must be missing within you to not be living a life that you desire; one you have actually chosen for yourself, despite what family or society says you should want.

This feeling slowly chips away your self-esteem. Deep down you feel a quiet desperation, like a slow death of your spirit. Your situation is not bad enough, and yet it is not good enough, either. You feel stuck, and it is as if parentheses have been placed around your life and you cannot move beyond them—you can spend decades in this place of limbo.

I have felt this way.

That you could lead a fulfilling life—and a life not measured by the success model that most of us have been enculturated to measure ourselves by—feels more elusive than ever. (It is important to note here that to learn to measure yourself from your own standards that come from your heart, mind and soul is true freedom no matter what anyone else thinks.)

Without creating our own standard of what success means to you, you are trapped in a maze where it seems like there’s a club for “those people” who seem to have this magical membership to a wildly successful life and you are not a part of it. You hear about it all the time, and now you long for a membership. You long for a life that feels so out of reach to you, and you long for liberation.”

from Forbidden Emotions: The Key to Healing “Living a Liberated Life” by Marti Murphy. Published by JEBWizard Publishing. Order the book here or wherever books are sold.
Author Marti Murphy

Marti Murphy is an Emotional Fitness Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, and Psychosomatics Practitioner (Body/Mind Connection).
Marti has been a life-long spiritual junkie, but nothing worked until she identified her forbidden emotions.

She was exhausting herself “trying” to think positive, under highly stressful financial circumstances, and it wasn’t working. When she gave up “trying” to change, she accessed her forbidden emotions. Forbidden emotions that were attached to her most negative thoughts.

As she gave these emotions full expression, she felt better without “trying” to think positive, and her life changed for the better.

She now specializes in helping her clients resolve conflicts in their personal and business lives, opening their eyes to their forbidden emotions. This helps allow guidance and direction to come through, creating inspired action. As this happens, life unfolds with more grace and ease.
For more information about Marti please email her at marti@martimurphy.com.


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