JEBWizard Publishing: A New Adventure

As some of you may know, I have branched out to start my own publishing company working with independent authors, co-writing collaboration projects, script development, and other exciting new ventures.

I am excited to announce the release of the latest projects by JEBWizard Publishing. Two amazing authors with books you will love to read.

Forbidden Emotions: The Key to Healing

Forbidden Emotions: The Key to Healing by Marti Murphy is an intriguing look at how our “forbidden” emotions, those we’ve learned to suppress, can affect our health and happiness.

“In this groundbreaking book, Marti Murphy takes us on a deep dive into our emotional landscape. We come installed with a full palette of emotions, but our culture teaches us that some are bad and should not be felt.

Marti calls them forbidden emotions.

Emotions we tell ourselves it is not okay to feel because we learned to reject them. Hatred. Rage. Despair. Even joy. The list goes on.

What happens when you slowly feel deeper? It frees your physical body from all your suppressed emotions. You heal emotionally, spiritually, even physically.

Marti’s story of how-after a client delved deeper into her emotions and negative beliefs helped heal a deadly physical ailment-is a testament to the power of feeling your emotions.

In Forbidden Emotions, Marti unmasks what emotional health can mean and shows how a surprising, slightly strange, but highly effective mind-body technique assists in creating inner freedom.

This book is real, raw, and rewarding. It is a must-read, but only if you want improved health, better relationships, and a more fulfilled life.”

Order it here or from your local bookstore. Coming soon to Audiobooks.


A Miracle at Dachau

A Miracle at Dachau by Laurin Haupt.

We all have heard the terrible stories of the ordeals faced by the victims of Hitler’s Final Solution. What many of us never knew is how many ordinary German citizens opposed the Nazis and became the first victims, political prisoners, of the Konzentrationslager—the Concentration Camps at Dachau, Auschwitz, and many others.

In A Miracle at Dachau by Laurin Haupt, Laurin tells the riveting story of her grandfather (her Opa) and his time in the Dachau prison camp. A French gentile, Simon Johann Haupt lived a happy life in Germany with his wife and daughters, the loves of his life. But in 1933, he and some friends dared to resist the terrorism of the Third Reich destroying the fabric of their peaceful community.

His subsequent arrest and imprisonment in Dachau, and the miracle that saved his life, make this one of the most compelling stories of that awful period in history.

Most of us know about the atrocities by the Nazis against the Jews of Germany. Yet few know how the Third Reich turned against anyone that dared defy them, regardless of religious beliefs. Those who joined Hitler went against friends, neighbors, shopkeepers, even Catholic priests they had known their whole lives. The Nazis imprisoned or killed anyone with the courage to oppose them.

Opa unfolds his story to his beloved granddaughter, Laurin, as they travel by train through Germany years after his time at Dachau. As Laurin imagined the kindly old man would have told the story, if he’d been able to bring himself to remember the horrors.  This is a book everyone should read, and Simon’s story is a cautionary tale of the dangers in forgetting history.

View the promotional video here.

Pre-order the Kindle version here  Publication release date July 30, 2020. Coming soon to Audiobooks.

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