The Great Corona Plague of 2020

(Imagine if you will a classroom of the future. Eager students sit in awe of the old-style digital images of 2020. The mass hysteria outside a place once known as a Walmart illustrates the insanity of that era.

A young girl, confused by what she has seen, comes home to her grandfather to ask him to help her understand. This is the legacy of a generation begging for an explanation.)

“Grandpa, were you alive during the Great Corona Plague of 2020?”

“Yes, sweetheart, I was. Why?”

“We’re studying it in school, and I have a few questions.”

“Okay, ask away.”

“Well, there was one thing I didn’t understand. I know it was important to take care of yourself, and I know it was important to avoid crowds.  I understand it made sense to limit travel to Europe and ask people not to travel in the country. And washing your hands is common sense.”

“My sweet Baboo, everyone understood that. Most of us knew it with nobody telling us. What is it you don’t understand?”

“Well, Grandpa, what was up with the run on toilet paper? I mean of all the stupid nonsensical things to do. The teacher had the entire class roiling on the floor, laughing. Toilet paper? Why Toilet paper?”

“Honey, in 2016 this country elected a buffoon as President. And no one can explain that or anything that happened for those long, dark, toilet-paper shortage ravaged four years he was President. Wait until you study that if you want a laugh.

“But we regained our senses.  

“We put people who knew what they were doing in place of the dysfunctional cabal. We developed a vaccine for Corona, reopened the office that plans for such things that the buffoon President closed during those disastrous years, and rebuilt our strategic toilet paper reserve.”

“Oh, Grandpa, you’re just as funny as the teacher. There is no such thing as the Strategic Toilet Paper Reserve.”

“Yes, there is dear. We converted all the Making America Great Again signs. We’ve got enough paper to keep our rear-ends clean for centuries. We store it in the building that would have been the Trump Presidential Library. As you will learn, there was no need for such a place.”

MAGA   Making America Go Again.

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