An Inconvenient Truth

inconvenient [in-kuhn-veen-yuhnt]
not easily accessible or at hand.
Inopportune; untimely
not suiting one's needs or purposes.

Let’s keep our wits about us and put this in perspective. The reality of this pandemic is a serious, but manageable health risk. There are uncertainties, but this can be mitigated with simple common sense. Let’s leave the politics of blame until after the entire story is told.

Most of the effort will be little more than an inconvenience. Yet the reaction by many, from hoarding like it’s Armageddon to wailing and whining because they cancel sports events, underscores just how selfish a society we’ve become.

There will be many who will bear the brunt of the real burden, i.e. hourly workers, waitstaff, etc. those who most people never give a second thought to. For them it will be more than an inconvenience, but for the overwhelming majority of us that is what it will be.

An inconvenience.

There’s a meme making the rounds which says it best…

“Your Grandparents were asked to go to war, you’re being asked to stay home and sit on your couch. Calm down, Sweetpea!”

The virus is here. There is little we can do about that. But there are simple steps everyone can take to do their part and prevent the virus from spreading.

It may involve a whole two weeks of staying home. That’s a far cry from years away from home, without the instant communication of today’s world, fighting a war.

Sometimes circumstances require Americans to come together as a nation, now is one of them. Don’t just think of your own well-being, but consider the well-being of the nation.

That is American greatness, and that is how we will weather this storm.

Stay home, read (here is a convenient link for some Exceptional books to read (

This too shall pass.

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