Trump got One Right (But he doesn’t know why)

With our withdrawal from the Paris Accord on the environment, we joined an elite club.  Nicaragua, Syria, and the USA (us) are the only countries in the world who did not sign (or in our case scratched out and said never mind) the Paris Accord on the environment.

Thank goodness, Trump got one right and it didn’t involve spelling.

Let me explain. Under the Obama Administration, the US and almost every other country in the world signed the Paris Accord on the Environment.


The agreement was far from perfect and, praise the red-faced covfefe God, our President recognized this. He said, “Nyet, we shall not “Почитай это или оставайся под нашей подписью” (Honor this or stand by our signature.)

I’d like to think he recognizes the wisdom of one, of the two countries, that didn’t sign the original agreement, Syria and Nicaragua.

Syria got a pass. They were too busy executing dissidents and trampling civil rights to attend. (That and the NO_FLY zone we and the Russians imposed that would’ve shot them down.)

Now the Nicaraguans are a different story. Those bastards didn’t sign because they didn’t think the agreement went FAR ENOUGH. I thought Saint Reagan fixed that problem?

Regardless (I love that phrase) the Nicaraguans got it right. An agreement that carries no penalties for failing to comply is meaningless.  It reminds one of the many treaties we had with Native Americans. Not one of which we complied with and we tout ourselves as the country with a conscience.

Trump pulled out of the accord because the science of global warming is unclear about human influence. Trump thinks it adversely affects the coal industry.

The one where we send humans into mines.

Where OSHA imposes over-regulation on miner safety.

Where the EPA imposes over-regulation on environmental discharges.

Where the future offers opportunity and our President wants us to embrace the past.

I have a yet to be determined time left on this planet. My daughter and her husband will long outlive me. My grandchildren will long outlive even my memory.

We must leave them a planet where that can happen.


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