An Atheist take on Faith

(A warning to my many religious friends, no offense intended, but this stuff just drives me crazy when it infects Government at the ‘highest’ level)

Atheist are not a different form of the religious.

They are immune to the virus of religion. They are those that have opened their hearts, received the word.

And there was the word.


They do not question the concept of Gods or God.

They know it never existed.

They do not believe in the existence of any religious deity, saint, miracle, or dogma.

Science is not a religion, in spite of the scientologists. Nothing more frightening there.

Science is based on doubt, religion is based on a willingness, and intent, to ignore it.

All religions, some would include atheists in which I would disagree, have some fundamental basis in the belief of a higher being with particular interest in this planet.

They are all wrong. They have apparently never looked at the stars.

We are capable of extraordinary things. Not with God or gods, but in spite of them.

Humans invented the concept of God. Somebody needs to be in charge. Somebody must of thought of us. Come up with the design.

History shows we turned most gods to our own unholy purpose.

Like the line from “There are too many Saviors on my Cross” by Richard Harris,

“I, in my poverty, alone and without trust,
cry shame on you and shame on you again and again
for converting Me into a bullet and shooting Me into men’s hearts.”

Some of us, the atheists in the world, recognized it, and called the name for all to hear, hoping for them to hear the word.

There is no God. No Abraham, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus or otherwise. No Immaculate Conceptions, Rising from the Dead, defying physics. No Golden Tablets, talking burning bushes, enticing snakes.

No Angels, fallen or promoted to Arch Angels.

All Holy books, by virtue of being titled “Holy”, are wholly fiction.

In the absence of the First Coming, the Return is ruled out as well.

Of this I am certain.

Nobody on a Golden throne

Nobody that has gates, Pearly or otherwise, guarding admission.

Nobody worried if you are truly facing Mecca five times a day.

Nobody making sure you don’t dance.

Nobody offended if you don’t keep holy the sabbath.

Nobody cares if you eat meat on Friday, Halal or Kosher. There are no Dietary Gods.

Yet, the sad fact in this country, the fact that stirred me to write this, is the alarming number of people, a significant majority, that have a faith in something they cannot prove yet are willing to cry out that it should be taught in schools, supported by tax dollars, and displayed on public buildings.

Call it Creation science, Intelligent Design, Guided Evolution. It’s all without merit unless they are willing to submit it to the same standards of evidence and proof for such theories as, say, Gravity. Or Heliocentric solar system. Or a combustion engine for that matter. You know, the one that isn’t contributing to Global Warming.

Religion has its place.

In your heart.

Perhaps in the way you live your life.

Your life

Your heart

Not in mine.

Your faith does not give you the right to insist I respect or acknowledge it. My obligation is to allow you to hold whatever beliefs you choose, privately. And for you to return the favor.

You cannot impose them on me any more than you would allow a person of another faith to impose their faith on you.

Be it the call of Jesus,

The faith of Allah,

Or the stack of turtles holding up the Earth, ad infinitum.

The frightening facts are the willing ignorance of people to science. Scientific fact, method, and benefit.

They’d replace science and all the combined knowledge of men, with writings and philosophies of dubious authorship and presupposed “divine” inspiration from a time before the Dark Ages. Subject, of course, to their interpretation.

We are in a lot of trouble.

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