Ant CSI or Law and Order (Hymenoptera)

Have you ever watched ants as they come across one of their own. I don’t mean as they run willy nilly about, but upon one their own, dead?

My observations entertain two scenarios.

The ant that finds the “victim” immediately goes into a circular search pattern, marking the crime scene, looking for suspects. Soon, by some form of ant telepathy or really tiny ant radios, he is joined by others repeating the search pattern.

Finally, a more thorough examination of the body is done by the ant authorities, complete with drawing an “ant” version of the chalk outline. This is followed by several ants doing a full crime scene search, climaxing with the Ant Medical Examiner directing Ant CSI members on removal of the body.

The victim’s remains, led by the ant that originally found the body, guarded by uniform Ant PD, to be fully interviewed by Anticide Detectives “down” town, are brought into the secure area of the nest.

Since ants are one of the most successful evolutionary developments, colonizing almost every land mass on the planet except Antartica, this isn’t really that far fetched.

The “victim” is taken to the morgue where the body is examined, an “antopsy” conducted, toxicology tests done, tissue samples taken, internal organs examined.

After the tests are concluded, the ME produces his report reading something like this;

“The victim is a healthy, fully developed, non-breeding male, with normally proportioned head, altitrunk, petiole, and gaster. There was a catastrophic and uniform crushing of the body.

Death was most likely, instantaneous.

The conclusion of this examination is that the victim was crushed by one of the many large hazards encountered in the exo-nest world. The exact nature of which remains undetermined.

Next of kin have been notified of the release of the remains”

The victim is then reassembled and embalmed, a memorial service held, followed by a solemn interment.

The Ant Chief of Police holds a press conference announcing a task force to “identify and apprehend the perpetrators of the heinous act”

Ant Senators and Congressmen “vow to hold hearings to shed light on this travesty of justice”

O J Ant announces he “will not sleep until Kato Ant and I find these killers”


They just add him to the daily crumb collection and eat him for dinner!

Tough to be an Ant!

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