Q2-Anon: Uncovering the Real Deep State Plan

This is Q2-anon ( a new and improved Q-anon with most of the bugs worked out) and your Q2-anon tip of the day.

It has taken us time, but Q2-anon has uncovered the truth behind the Vaccine conspiracy. We all suspected how evil the Deep State could be, but even your Q2 -anon wasn’t prepared for what we have uncovered.

The Vaccine does contain tracking bots, but we are loathe to report they are there to identify the Q-anon believers. By inoculating the masses, with the side benefit of preventing COVID, the deep state will have an easy way to cull the herd of the Q2 -anon faithful.

The dark lord B’ha R’oc O Ba Mah decreed his acolytes Fah’ucci and Ga’tes to spread the word among the faithful by – and this is truly evil- spreading the truth about the disease.

They wanted us to think it was evil, so they could find out who we were since we would believe it was evil when all it along it wasn’t evil but their plan was evil and they knew we would fight against them despite the facts which was even more evil and this evil was really not evil which made it more evil by not really being evil.

Such sinister not evil evil was never before unleashed upon the world and we missed it.

It should have been evident from the beginning. But we failed to understand the level of depravity the evil ones would sink to in their quest for dominance.

The rise of the evangelists—those in whom we saw hope—should have been a clue. For why would such clueless ones be so successful?

Marjorie Taylor Greene? Come on, think about it. Deep state plant. Who else could think someone so intellectually challenged would be a good fit for Congress?

And Gaetz? With an appetite for the young stuff he could only be a plant (although most plants are brighter and at least rot and return something to the earth.)

Isn’t it obvious? Trump received the vaccine.  He who pretended to be our leader is among the inoculated. Perhaps he knew and bravely took the shot to preserve our cause once the culling began, but such courage has never been shown by this obvious stooge.

The deep state has out-conspiracy-theoried the conspiracy theoried and we have almost fallen for it.

But, alas, your Q2 -anon—in our new and improved format—have uncovered the truth. So burn your Say No to the Prick T-shirts, remove the aluminum foil from your heads, and run to the nearest vaccination location and get the shot.

Let’s beat them at their own game.

And to Marjorie Taylor Greene we say, nice try moron. Here’s a bit of advice for you as well, you are way too old for Gaetz..


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Derin Devlet is Coming for You

In light of the President’s latest maniacal ravings before the American people ( I didn’t watch it live, I was taught it was not polite to watch someone suffering from a mental meltdown) wherein he embraces Q-Anon and the other fallacies like the DEEP STATE, I thought I would repost an earlier piece about the insanity of those embracing such theories.

I equate them to prehistoric humans cowering in terror from the lightning battles of the gods, sacrificing a fellow human to appease the anger of the unseen supreme beings.

They were certain of the necessity and effectiveness of the sacrifice, and the truth of the existence of invisible, angry, and lightning wielding gods, because the lightning always stopped after one or more of their fellow believers paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Top 10 Historical Events With Conspiracy Theories – Facts WT

Our march to the future seems to be suffering from arrested development. I have no doubt that in the future there will be raucous laughter in a college, high school, kindergarten history class when they learn how America once gave the Presidency to a fool.

But here’s one of the fantasies our President embraces.

Derin Devlet is Coming for You

Beware. I have warned you. Derin Devlet is coming for you. Derin will steal your rights, your freedom, and perhaps even your life. Derin can manipulate the news, drive the economy up or down, start wars, alter history, and control the media.

They have warned us and yet Derin is still there; lurking, immortal, invisible yet affecting our everyday lives, all to Derin’s whim with little regard to anything else except maintaining the power and the continuity of Derin Devlet.

You may know Derin by another name. Throughout the long history of the world, Derin has borne many names. Derin Devlet is his Turkish name, translated literally to Deep State.

While many Americans believe the “Deep State” to be a monolithic, if secretive, behind-the-scenes group of well-organized individuals holding vast power and controlling the government, the reality is different.

Some would argue it’s the Civil Service, career bureaucrats engaged in what some see as subverting elected officials’ policies. Others see it as preserving the law. The deep state exists in various manifestations.

The first use of the term seems to be in 1817, John Fitzgerald Pennie’s “The Varangian, or Masonic Honor,” offered this dialogue of two servants working a large banquet hall filled with contriving earls and knights.

Second servant: “Oh, could I but pry into these deep state secrets! I would give my very head to — Third servant: “Thus mayst, for aught ’tis worth.… Would I could pry into a venison pasty…. I will see what cheer the buttery yields.”

Second servant: “Then art thou come in right good time: there’s glorious feasting here. But thou, dull fellow, hast no great regard for plots and state affairs.”

Third servant: “No; but I have for the sad state of my deserted bowels.” (https://www.thenation.com/article/what-is-the-deep-state/)

Here’s the way Mr. Trump seems to see the Deep State.

If an allegation against, let’s say Billary Hinton, is unprovable, then the Deep State protected him, or her, or this fictitious person who bears no resemblance to any person living or dead or soon to be living or dead or otherwise real.

If an allegation is proven against, let’s say, Dichael Bohen, or Dichael Slynn, or the other 35 individuals indicted (so far) by someone with a name like Mobert Bueller, (again all fictitious individuals I mean 37 people indicted in one organization in government and not part of Organized Crime? Come on!) the Deep State conspired to make it happen.

One might make an argument the deep state exists, in an existential sense, by looking at the effect it has on public perception with little firm evidence of its reality. The Deep State lives in the minds of many, and thus it exists.

I offer here a proof of this Deep State and the power it wields. John McCain did not die. He was promoted to Director of Deep State from Beyond, and his one job is to torment Donald Trump.  You have only to read the maniacal ravings of Mr. Trump and see McCain’s evil hand forcing the President to hit Tweet, Tweet, Tweet all night long.

Derin Devlet is coming for you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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JEBWizard Publishing (www.jebwizardpublishing.com) is a hybrid publishing company focusing on new and emerging authors. We offer a full range of customized publishing services.

Everyone has a story to tell, let us help you share it with the world. We turn publishing dreams into a reality. For more information and manuscript submission guidelines contact us at info@jebwizardpublishing.com or 401-533-3988.

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Judgement Calls

“What’s the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions if, in the end, all we’re willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true?”

F. Sherwood Rowland

Despite what many might believe, life is a series of judgement calls. We often face a plethora of options with little or no clear guidance on what path to follow.

As we first venture out on our own to face these choices, a lack of experience compounds the problem or youthful exuberance—what some might see as youthful indiscretions—makes us vulnerable to the verities of fate. Whether there is such a thing as fate or pre-destination doesn’t really matter.

Whether we make choices or fate made the choices for us, the ramifications still take effect. I, for one, believe in free will. As we gain experience, the value of making considered judgement calls becomes all the more clear.

The critical importance of judgement calls come into sharp focus when we face the decision about following the guidelines as we re-emerge from under the shadow of COVID-19.

Science offers the best basis to weigh our options. Emotions, instinct, and gut feelings, while useful, can sometimes be dangerous when making decisions that may affect the lives of others. Our emotional need for stability, consistency, and flexibility in our daily lives comes with a caution label.

Sometimes what we desire the most is that which we need the least.

Science tells us this virus is dangerous, easily spread, and highly contagious. Those who suffer the most severe—sometimes fatal—symptoms cross the spectrum of humans. There is no “common” victim. Treatment protocols, such as they are, are by necessity tailored to the individual patient. Doctors and nurses are making some of the most significant judgement calls because there is no widely accepted treatment protocol, although we are gaining knowledge with each passing day.

Until we develop a vaccine, and until our collective experience provides us with a roadmap to the most successful treatment protocols, this virus poses an imminent and deadly threat.  One that is not going away because we grow tired of the inconvenience, see bogeyman hands in the restrictions, or wish it to be so.

The science on the progression of the virus is clearer than it was several months ago. The effectiveness of social distancing, as debilitating on our daily lives as it has been, seems to have slowed—but not stopped—the spread of the virus.

Yet many seem to ignore the facts before us.

They will ignore the predictions based on deeply considered analysis of the evidence we have before us—not guarantees, not certainties— for no better reason than a gut feeling. Science suggests keeping these controls in place, while we relax them in a managed way, as the best course.

We should make that an elemental part of our judgement calls.

The premise is simple. Control the spread, minimize the drain on hospitals, until we develop a vaccine. Virus have always affected humans. Evolution has always changed viruses. Another will mutate and replace this one. It is using the best tools we have to face the threat that will make a difference, not focusing on the inconvenience.

And when this passes we need redouble our efforts at preparing for the next one. This is a judgement call based on facts and experience not emotions, frustrations, and irrationality.

People flood social media with memes and numbers and arguments on both sides of the issue, yet these forums are almost always emotion-based and agenda driven. And those who would follow medical advice from such forums should seriously question their own judgement.

Those who see visions of a new Black Death scourging the world want to lock themselves away until they can be guaranteed of their survival.

Those who see the hands of a governmental conspiracy, controlled by the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, yet invisible deep-state, want to throw open the doors, toss caution and rationality to the wind, and go back to “normal” without so much as any acknowledgment of the real and deadly threat.

Why some who protest against these closures feel the need to bear arms is beyond me. It makes them seem more unstable and less rational. And those who cower in their homes out of an irrational belief they can forever avoid exposure to viral pathogens are equally delusional.

We face significant choices over the next few months. Many of those personal decisions will be judgement calls; follow guidelines, wear a mask, keep practicing social distancing. While we all may live our lives, and we should not passively accept government imposed limitations, keep in mind our sense of human decency can guide us.

I, for one, will wear a mask until the science says it is safe not to. I will limit my exposure to others and maintain a social distance. I will do these things not just to protect myself and my family, but to protect everyone.

I do not want to spread the virus to anyone else even if I have no fear of catching it myself. I do not want to cause the death of any other human, even if I did not know I did.

Why would anyone want to bear the thought of making such a poor judgement call?


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