Derin Devlet is Coming for You

Beware. I have warned you. Derin Devlet is coming for you. Derin will steal your rights, your freedom, and perhaps even your life. Derin can manipulate the news, drive the economy up or down, start wars, alter history, and control the media.

They have warned us and yet Derin is still there; lurking, immortal, invisible yet affecting our everyday lives, all to Derin’s whim with little regard to anything else except maintaining the power and the continuity of Derin Devlet.

You may know Derin by another name. Throughout the long history of the world, Derin has borne many names. Derin Devlet is his Turkish name, translated literally to Deep State.

While many Americans believe the “Deep State” to be monolithic, if a secretive, behind-the-doors group of well-organized individuals holding vast power and controlling the government, the reality is different.

Some would argue it’s the Civil Service, career bureaucrats engaged in what some see as subverting elected officials’ policies. Others see it as preserving the law. The deep state exists in various manifestations.

The first use of the term seems to be in 1817, John Fitzgerald Pennie’s “The Varangian, or Masonic Honor,” offered this dialogue of two servants working a large banquet hall filled with contriving earls and knights.

Second servant: “Oh, could I but pry into these deep state secrets! I would give my very head to — Third servant: “Thus mayst, for aught ’tis worth.… Would I could pry into a venison pasty…. I will see what cheer the buttery yields.”

Second servant: “Then art thou come in right good time: there’s glorious feasting here. But thou, dull fellow, hast no great regard for plots and state affairs.”

Third servant: “No; but I have for the sad state of my deserted bowels.” (

Here’s the way Mr. Trump seems to see the Deep State.

If an allegation against, let’s say Billary Hinton, is unprovable, then the Deep State protected him, or her, or this fictitious person who bears no resemblance to any person living or dead or soon to be living or dead or otherwise real.

If an allegation is proven against, let’s say, Dichael Bohen, or Dichael Slynn, or the other 35 individuals indicted (so far) by someone with a name like Mobert Bueller, (again all fictitious individuals I mean 37 people indicted in one organization in government and not part of Organized Crime? Come on!) the Deep State conspired to make it happen.

One might make an argument the deep state exists, in an existential sense, by looking at the effect it has on public perception with little firm evidence of its reality. The Deep State lives in the minds of many, and thus it exists.

I offer here a proof of this Deep State and the power it wields. John McCain did not die. He was promoted to Director of Deep State from Beyond, and his one job is to torment Donald Trump.  You have only to read the maniacal ravings of Mr. Trump and see McCain’s evil hand forcing the President to hit Tweet, Tweet, Tweet all night long.

Derin Devlet is coming for you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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