T-Minus Three Days to a Large Number Two

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We are about to restart a cycle that will comprise approximately seven thousand (7000) changes of a wearable item done seven to ten times per day. The contents of which will go from an unearthly color and the consistency of material seen in the Exorcist to something you would avoid stepping on in the street. You’d also fret how it got there, but that is beside the point.

This time, we are more prepared to endure the process. Practice does indeed work. It has been months since I last improperly placed my hand within the target area of the pliable container.

I’ve even become fairly competent at remembering what the color-coded stripe on the front shows, whether it has accomplished its purpose. Yellow is good, blue means something lurks inside. Could be just trapped liquid. Could be something more nefarious.

I am, of course, referring to the imminent arrival of grandson #2. All indications are he is going to be a big one.

Grandson #1, Levi David, has served as an admirable training instructor, teaching us the ins and outs of caring for an infant. He has begun shedding the need for the waste containment system.

We are working on the basics right now, aiming, equipment control and care, adequate warning time to prepare the Mickey Mouse festooned receptive device complete with flushing sound effects and an applause button.

We may have to change the batteries before the end of the training period as the applause button has been pushed an equivalent number of times to the toilet flushes at an NFL game at half-time.

And, of course, I am teaching him the one practice that will make his life almost completely free of trauma and make him happy forever, put the seat down after you’re done!

But the process is amusing. And he is ready to become the big brother. An awesome responsibility! You are almost entirely responsible for the success of your siblings. I know this from personal experience. Even if it goes unappreciated.

And so we will welcome a whole new person into the family. The same sense of newness will permeate his days. Everything for the coming moments will work to teaching him the ways, sights, and sounds of the world he will soon join.

There will, of course, be a book, Oh Brother! I Have a Brother and one to complement Levi’s book, Mortimer Moose and the Alphabet Zoo.

Wait, what? You haven’t ordered this yet for the young kids in the family? Here’s the link for your convenience (Click here, you’ll be glad you did)

But I can never capture the actual story in words.

To look into the eyes of a newborn is to see love.

To hold such a marvelous being in your arms is to feel love.

To watch them grow and change before your eyes is to know love.

Life does not have any better moments than those. I am excited beyond (almost) words.

Since Levi, life has taken an amazing turn for the better. Not that it was bad before, but there is something magical about grandchildren. You get to watch them grow and change right before your eyes. Life often hides this from parents who have other concerns while raising children.

I cannot imagine how much fun having two will be. Well, I can and I am already making plans.

Levi David is ready. We are ready. The whole world is ready.

Let the adventure begin!

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  1. I am green with envy, I was only gifted with one grandson, now 23, but those years of watching him grow were magical as you say. So glad I recorded so many of those wonderful moments with diary entries and lists of his first words, to thousands of pictures and videos. I am aiming to live to 100 so I can possibly see a great grandchild. Wish me luck.

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