Bud Light Lost Money, BFD

First, let me say this. If there ever was a beverage masquerading as a beer with a worse taste, I’ve never heard of it. Bud Light being called a beer is like one of those old TV dinners with the aluminum tasting peas being served at Michelin Three Star restaurants as an entrée

It is blasphemy.

What Bud Light does is fill the need for those who wish to conserve their money—pay day and title loans in many cases—and maximize the quantity of beer they can acquire.

Anyone, given the choice of a comparably priced real beer would be insane to pick Bud Light. As we used to call some ales we acquired as miscreant underage drinkers with few options, it tastes like Tiger piss.

And that is an insult to tigers.

But now the battle lines are drawn between those who are taking delight in Bud Light’s fall from grace and those who see this as a backlash against Bud Light’s brief flirtation with supporting a transgender human being.

But I see this a bit differently. First, Bud Light does not come to mind as the beverage of choice at a LGBTQ party. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

Bud Light is the beverage of choice at say, NASCAR, or a game dinner. It goes well with the exhaust fumes and the small talk about gutting animals and different caliber bullet effectiveness and range.
This is not to be critical of such events, just the reality of the world.

Could it be the dramatic downturn in sales—in all probability not due to any reduced demand at LGTBQ clubs or transgender recovery parties—be from the NASCAR/Hunting/testosterone club types concerned about being associated with a “gay” drink?

What self-respecting race fan has an umbrella in their drink? Beer is the only choice and not a beer with someone confused about gender on the can.

This is not about the beer; this is about resistance to what some people cannot or will not understand.
Bud Light lost money, BFD. I think they did the world of beer a favor. Leave the light beer to companies like Coors who understand the market.

Why else would they call it “The Silver Bullet?”

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