Flying Flies (Muscae Volitantes) and Near-Unity Quantum Efficiency

Did the title catch your eye? Did you wonder if I had finally hiked off the sanity precipice and into insanity valley?

Well, good. First, because you care enough to read this and find out (or at least to confirm your belief it was inevitable.)

And second, because that’s what a title is supposed to do.

Now, among my friends, there are some who would recognize Muscae Volitantes. At least I would hope Dr. Clyde Eye Guy (retired) hasn’t lost all his skills.

And I would hazard a guess there are a few who might know what Near-Unity Quantum Efficiency is.

But, for the overwhelming majority of friends and family who read my frequent ravings, you did what I did, and (in the words of my grandson’s favorite Sesame Street lessons,) looked it up.

Looking them up gave me an idea for a blog piece and that’s how it works.

Which is the point of writing. To make one think. To make one ponder. To make one challenge your own concepts or convictions and seek to enlighten yourself and, by such efforts, enlighten others.

This past week has been time spent wandering the bounty of this country’s natural beauty. There’s been little time to write, which is a way of recharging the creative batteries.

Lower ANTELOPE Canyon
Page, Arizona

I hope, on my return, to open the floodgates to a new series of stories.

Some will be short ruminations here and there. Some will be new books I’ve been writing these past few years. And some, with a little luck and lots of hard work, may be things you’ll see on a video screen.

Whatever way it goes, thanks for reading and commenting. Even if we disagree, which is the essence of a sound and thriving civilization, I read and consider each response.

If everyone agreed with me, there’d be no reason for, or joy in, writing.

And for those of you too lazy to bother looking things up.

Muscae Volitantes, Latin for Flying Flies, are those floaters streaking across your eyeballs as we age.

Near-Unity Quantum Efficiency is the almost 100% efficiency of photosynthesis. Almost every photon of light absorbed by chlorophyll is coverted to usable energy in plants.

Now you know, spread the word.

3 thoughts on “Flying Flies (Muscae Volitantes) and Near-Unity Quantum Efficiency

  1. PS: I am amazed about the vast and beautiful areas of the American west where powered vehicles are allowed to intrude.

    1. John, in Antelope Valley you are required to go with a Navajo guide. In Monument Valley and The Arches there is limited vehicle access, no Atvs or other off road vehicles. Most of the access is limited to foot traffic

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