Life is a Journey with One Destination and Many Stops Along the Way

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"Time, time, time see what's become of me
While I looked around for my possibilities..."
Paul Simon, A Hazy Shade of Winter

In this moment of our shared existence we each face a final destination. The date and time of arrival (or departure, if you prefer) some believe is yet to be determined. Others believe it is pre-determined at the moment of birth. In the end, the when, where, and how will matter little to the person who has reached this communal moment, hopefully it will matter to those still on this journey.

Experiencing the moment when someone leaves this life is one of the many shared stops along the way. There are a universe of others.

We share these experiences many ways.

We meet new people, make new friends, jump in muddy puddles, walk in the rain or along a warm beach or in a primal forest trail.

We play with dogs, examine ant hills, watch bees and butterflies dart among flowers.

We embrace the first inkling of attraction to another person beyond the measure of just friendship and the sadness of such moments ending.

We have moments of ecstasy and agony. Joy and despair. Triumph and defeat. Success and failure.

We learn something new almost every moment in the beginning, then slowly forget when the demands of life force us in other directions.

We build fierce loyalties to some in our lives and determined resistance to our perceived enemies.

We find moments of supreme satisfaction in some accomplishments and profound disappointment in our failures.

While we are immersed in these experiences, the destination grows closer. At first it is a concept too foreign for consideration. Then, perhaps with the passing of another, we have that first thought of what our destination might be. But the thought passes.

Yet we all come to that moment when we realize our journey consists more of places we’ve been than places we’ve yet to go. And therein lies not despair or sadness but opportunity.

Part of the secret of living is to remember the destination may be just over the next hill or thousands of miles away. This informs us of the most powerful elements of our humanity, choices. No matter your circumstances, your place in the world, your physical well-being, you have a choice.

Ad the choice is simple. Spend your time looking back and remembering or look forward to whatever experiences there are yet to come. While there are many external influences over our lives which are beyond our control, how we choose to deal with them is completely up to us.

Wherever your destination lies, let every moment until you arrive matter. So jump in muddy puddles, take a walk in the rain, chase a frisbee, or just sit quietly and see the wonders of nature.

That you have a destination is beyond your control. How you experience the journey is all up to you. “Hang onto your hopes, my friend.”

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