I Don’t Recall Booking This

During one of my recent forays online to deal with Medicare and other age-related matters, I received a message to take advantage of my Silver and Fit benefits. What are they you might ask?

Well, they are one of those things you get for being old. They don’t call it that, oh no. Instead, they hire talented novelist wannabes to craft creative ways to make it seem like an adventure.

Once you become eligible for Medicare, you are now on a Journey (queue the Celestial Music.)

The journey is called the Aging Journey.


I have taken many journeys. And for every single one, the planning begins with picking a destination. These journeys do not have to involve far-off destinations or involve elaborate plans, but they have to end up somewhere.

They do not have to involve hours, days, or weeks of travel.

They do not have to involve multiple modes of transportation.

Sometimes the journey may be as simple as your favorite breakfast spot or pub.

Sometimes it may involve another town, county, or state.

Sometimes it may involve a whole different country.

I hope to live long enough to leave the earth to visit the moon or Mars.

But never, in all my times of planning journeys, did it ever involve getting old and dying.

This journey certainly fits the bill of philosophers and songwriters who talk of the journey as being more important than the destination. It is certainly more mysterious. And it is the only journey we all get booked on at the moment of birth.

It’s the boarding pass for being alive. Some get first class, some coach, some cling to the sides, but all board the same train.

We most likely will not know when the journey ends, how the journey ends, or where the journey ends. Depending on your philosophy about leaving this mortal coil, you may never know the details at all. Only those left behind will.

Nevertheless, the Aging Journey will, in a continuously speeding up passage of time, arrive at the journey’s end.

I hope the destination is far off in the future for all of you. And I hope, when the journey inevitably ends, you can look back and say, “Thanks, what a ride.”

Age well, my friends, Enjoy the journey.


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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Recall Booking This

  1. I will be 80 this year, how did that happen? so far it has been an interesting journey, my selfish streak is aiming for 20 more years. I am abiding by a magnet my mother had on the fridge, “The more you complain the longer God lets you live.” I hope it works.

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