Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

Random collection of things that perhaps needed to be reworded, rewritten, or simply proofed for errors. And a lesson in humility.

Sign along highway in Tucson, Arizona.

Complete Cremations $1000

Is there an option for a partial cremation? Hey, I got $500, does that get me medium rare?

Sign a Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Terminal Employee Parking

If they have that many soon-to-check-out employees, they might want to run tests on the environmental conditions since they need an entire parking lot for Terminal Employees.

Side note. The lot wasn’t even near the airport. They made the “terminal” employees use up what little time they had left walking a half-mile to their cars.

Sirius XM Holiday Radio Display Amazon Music

 The First Nowell…I have no words for this one except I learned something.

This one is a particularly abhorrent example. As a writer, there is nothing more telling of the effort made to create something than a spelling error. If you can’t make the effort to at least edit your writing and fix mistakes why should I spend any of my limited time on this planet reading it. It grieves me when I come across one in something I’ve released into the wild and I launch into a frenzy to fix it.

I can accept they may occur in a long piece and, if addressed properly, merely illustrate our human fallibility. But in a three word title of one of the most well known Christmas songs? Unforgivable.

But alas, it turns out I was wrong. The First Nowell, according to the Oracle of Wikipedia, “The First Nowell is a choral work for soprano and baritone soloists, SATB chorus and full orchestra by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams written in 1958 and completed by Roy Douglas following the composer’s death in August of that year.

The First Nowell (Noel) is a traditional English Carol of Cornish origin of the late middle ages included in the work.

In my haughtiness when collecting items for this piece I had laughed at the “spelling error” when I first saw it and couldn’t wait to point it out. Then, to my own horror, I find myself humbled by my own inferiority. A bit of research taught me a bit of humility, as well it should.


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