‘Tis the Season (Almost)

We are quickly coming upon the Christmas season and all the wonders it ushers in. For us, this will be a bit of a different experience absent the snow, frigid temperatures, and windchill factors but it nevertheless will be Christmas time.

In keeping with a tradition I began several years ago, I will be posting fourteen episodes of this year’s Christmas story, “The Lost Spirit of Christmas” beginning on December 10th and ending on Christmas Eve.

For those of you unfamiliar with how this began, I once again delved into a childhood memory and reanimated it in new words.

Back in the 60’s, the Pawtucket Times (remember those glorious days of daily newspapers?) would publish a serialized story over the two weeks leading up to Christmas. I, and many of my friends, looked forward to reading it each day.

Since newspapers it would seem to have gone the way of the dodo, civility, and a shared sense of our commonality, I decided to revise the practice in my own way,

Here’s a link to last year’s story, https://joebroadmeadowblog.com/2021/12/26/the-day-after-christmas-the-whole-story/  It will give you a sense of what’s coming.

Once again I will write each piece the morning they are released into the world (albeit a bit later with the time difference here from my friends on the east coast) so you will see it only moments after it arrives in this world.  Where it will lead, we shall find out together.

Here’s to a Merry HO HO HO for 2022 and to many, many more.

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