Equal is not the Same

No one should be judged by the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or their physical abilities, BUT their character, their treatment of their fellow man, or their judging of others by those same three criteria is fair game.

If equal means the same, I should have been a shortstop with the Yankees. After all, I can play ball. I can hit. I can chase ground balls. Why should someone else play that position if we are all equal?

Is it perhaps we are different and not the same yet still equal?

Life is not fair. If life were fair ugly billionaires who resemble Hobbits drawn by Picasso would never have the kind of women we see them married to. Women towering over them and sort of smiling. Mind you, I don’t blame the women but come on, we all know it ain’t love in most cases.

In our quest for equality are we sacrificing the qualities of our differences? The very word “quality” is contained within equality, indeed it makes up most of it.

Quaeramus aequalitatem in differentiis nostris (Let us seek equality in our differences)

Joe Broadmeadow

This focus on identifying ourselves with nonsense pronouns as a way of mitigating discrimination is like painting a crumbling house. It might look nice for the moment, but eventually it collapses.

The reality of our differences, be it male or female, black or white, tall or short, athletic or clumsy, cerebral or dull is not something any label—no matter how sincere the intent—can change.

We are all human. Our efforts should not focus on whitewashing our differences as a way to curb discrimination but focusing on addressing the historical continuity of ignorance that preserves such behavior.

The reality is not everyone is going to like you, respect you, agree with you, support you, or endorse your behavior, lifestyle, or attitudes. That is reality. All you can reasonably expect is they do nothing to interfere with your choices.

There are shades of human existence—internal differences we may not understand—that only require us to accept them. Not approve, support, promote, demote, degrade, or destroy. Just tolerate as we expect to be tolerated.

That is all we are owed by our fellow human, tolerance and an equal opportunity to be ourselves.

All you can expect from any form of government is the same; that they do nothing to interfere with your choices except when those choices adversely impact the good of society. And this includes a woman’s right to absolute and total control over her body and what should be the inviolable right to terminate a non-viable fetus.


For society to impose their will against anyone absent an overwhelming societal necessity—particularly regarding such an intimate and personal issue—is tantamount to reimposing slavery. Such an imposition is merely the bellwether of more restrictive acts against significant numbers of our fellow humans who may live in ways we do not understand.

Because we do not understand something doesn’t make it any less equal or valid to our choices.

There are over 300 million people in this country, More than 7.9 billion people on this planet. Chances our you’re going to dislike or find many of them offensive in their character or choices. What one has to bear in mind is this dislike and offense works in both directions.

Whether they call themselves she, he, it, they, or we, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, “neither picks my pocket or breaks my bones.” As long as anyone lives a lifestyle or makes choices that neither “breaks society’s bones or picks society’s pocket” what they do is none of our business.

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