Jesus Take the Wheel…

While it may not be the most significant testimony to arise from the January 6th hearings, it certainly is the most illustrative of the maniac of a President that once burdened the country. And of course, in typical fashion, the same maniac and his fellow maniacal fanatics set out to deny and discredit the witness.

But when I heard the story, as often happens whenever I read about something, a song immediately popped into my head. For some reason, I enjoy the concept of putting a soundtrack to things. So in this case, when I read how the President tried to “take the wheel” and drive to the Capital where those armed rioters were not “there to hurt me,” the song Jesus Take the Wheel started playing.

Of course, the lyrics were adjusted to fit the story (kind of like how the former President and his minions always resort to ad hominem attacks rather than offering to testify under oath themselves.) So if you can sing this to the tune Jesus Take the Wheel it all makes sense.

“Jesus, I’ll take the wheel
Take it from your hands
‘Cause I can do this on my own
I’m not letting go
So give me my chance
I am the ‘effing President
Jesus, I’ll take the wheel”

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Rumor has it the Secret Service agents involved have offered to testify under oath. Great, let them. Then we can all take a measure of the witnesses, judge their credibility, and determine the value of their testimony like occurs in courts across this country every day.

Until then, let’s hope Jesus, or some other reasonably trustworthy entity, takes the wheel of the country and puts us back on the road, saving us from skidding into oblivion.


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