I Have Seen the Light

How could I be so naive?

How could I not recognize the truth?

Of course the Democrats and the deep state pulled off the greatest fraud in American History.

Of course they managed to manipulate not one, not five, but every court that heard the case.

Of course they destroyed all evidence; every single last document, hard drive, or program.

Silenced every single co-conspirator (of which there must be hundreds of thousands if not millions.)

Masked every bit of a trail leading back to them.

And the only person who has seen through it all is the greatest President in the history of this country, nay the entire history of all leaders, Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump alone has stood firm in the truth.

Mr. Trump alone has dared shed light on the darkness of this conspiracy.

Mr. Trump alone has been telling us the truth all along.

And how is it I’ve come to see this light? Because Mr. Trump alone-despite the hundreds of witnesses, the numerous and false convictions of the January 6th patriots, the thousands of pages of falsified so called evidence-said it must be so.

I have seen the light, and I hope those Americans fooled by this insidious cancer growing on our American democracy are starting to see it as well.

For those of you who haven’t, look up sarcasm in the dictionary. Google it if need be.

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