What Would Jesus Do?

At an appearance before a conservative Christian group called the Charis Christian Center, Rep. Lauren Boebert made an attempt at humor to illustrate her opposition to gun control. According to news reports accompanied by video, Boebert joked,

“They like to say: ‘Oh, Jesus didn’t need an AR-15. How many AR-15s do you think Jesus woulda had?'” she said. “Well, he didn’t have enough to keep his government from killing him.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert


My first reaction is Boebert doesn’t need to make any attempt at humor. Her congressional record, public announcements, irrational train of thought, and general view of the world could be considered downright hysterical except for the fact she’s a sitting member of the Congress of the United States.

Clearly, she and others like her are one of the reasons many try to gain entrance into this country by any means possible. If someone like her can be elected to Congress then this country surely is the land of opportunity with minimal standards of intelligence.

One other point. Had Jesus—or any other “historical” figure from the pre-industrial past—produced an AR-15 (instead of, say, turning water into wine) to defend themselves from the government I might have to reconsider my doubt about divinity and the existence of God.

(Although if God does exist, and has a sense of humor, creating people like Boebert and others like her is pretty funny. I can hear the heavenly laughter now. “No, no really they elected her to represent them…unbelievable. Even I couldn’t pull off a miracle like that.”)

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  1. On the money again, her and her twin MTG are two of the biggest head scratching moments in the political world. Do people even investigate who they are voting for?

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