How Dare You, Disney!

How dare you, Disney, demand people show respect for everyone, even those they may not understand.

How dare you, Disney, embrace the Golden Rule and expect others to do the same.

How dare you, Disney, listen to your employees about business decisions. Why should they have a say in anything, this is business.

This is not an Image of the Florida Legislature or the Governor’s Office…although

How dare you, Disney, recognize that stereotypes and homogenized concepts of society are evil and wrong and need be purged from our lives.

How dare you, Disney, believe you know better than those who extract that which suits them from the “greatest book” yet willingly ignore the rest.

How dare you, Disney, think that using your resources to take the burden off Florida taxpayers would give you immunity from marching lockstep with the Governor in all his joyful (Christian?) policies.

How dare you, Disney, think you can change the minds of those steeped and marinated in hate and ignorance.

How dare you, Disney, claim to be the happiest place on earth when you try to create a better world that ignores the reality surrounding you.

How dare you, Disney,…. How dare you!

2 thoughts on “How Dare You, Disney!

  1. You are so very right. The world is in need of change before the end comes and man kind comes to the end.

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