But I Can’t Hold you Forever…

With each passing day, you grow and change right before my eyes. Sleeping in my arms, each breath, murmur, or dream-inspired smile seems a miracle to me…but I can’t hold you forever.

From the moment of your birth, holding you has been some of the best moments of my life—and I have had some genuinely wonderful ones, but nothing quite like you—and I cherish the privilege of sharing them with you…but I can’t hold you forever.

I can wipe away your tears, comfort your bumps and bruises, catch you as you falter and fall as you learn your way through life…but I can’t hold you forever.

I can hold on for as long as time allows and watch you grow. Each new expression, each new sound, each new thing learned bringing a smile to my face…but I can’t hold you forever.

Soon enough, the time will come where holding you will not be what you need. Soon enough, it will be time to let you find your way without our undivided attention. Soon enough, the moments of holding you will grow fewer and fewer as you grow into your own person because while I can hold you all I want to now…I can’t hold you forever.

Each day holds the memories of the past, the promise of the future, and the most essential element of living…now. Do not waste a moment on the past except to learn from your mistakes and enjoy the occasional smile of a memory. Do not waste a moment waiting for what tomorrow, or next week, or one hour from now might hold. Instead, experience each moment as it happens, for that is where we live our lives.

…I can’t hold you forever, but I can hold onto you now and add those memories to my own collection of the best moments of life.

3 thoughts on “But I Can’t Hold you Forever…

  1. Jane Auger is my mother in-law and passed this on to me. I have two of her three grandkids (now 13 & 10). I always tell new parents that you go through repeated mourning as a parent. As your child passes between developmental stages you have to mourn the loss of the previous one. He/she will never return! Also, as my kids transform, the manner in which I communicate with them has to evolve too. We are constantly learning how to talk to, love, care for, and embolden the new person before us while also saying good-bye to the person that once was. It is hard! Thanks for this piece and I will pray you get the most out of each stage with your grand baby. Because, let’s face it, regardless of how old they get, they are always our babies.

    • Michelle, I’m glad Jane shared this with you. She is one special lady and as the lyrics to one of my favorite song, You by Jane Olivor, she is “one of the few things worth remembering”

      Thanks for reading the piece.

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