The Day After Christmas: Part XI

… “There you have it, Emily. Their secret is quite simple. Like the two friends in Morocco, they know that age is a state of mind and they Remember the past, look forward to the future, live in the moment….

From The Day After Christmas: Part X

Part XI: One of the Few Things Worth Remembering

“Cumberland? Where is Cumberland?” asked Emily.

“it’s a town in Rhode Island, the smallest state,” Emma. “I wonder what we’ll find there?”

The sleigh slowed on the approach into the town, taking them on a circular route around Diamond Hill, over the reservoir, until finally descending into the parking lot of a small pub on Mendon Rd. called McT’s.

“Why are we here?” asked Emily.

Diamond Hill Reservoir

“I don’t know, but I know how to find out.” Emma jumped from the sleigh and motioned for Emily to follow. As they got closer to the door, a cacophony of voices greeted them. Laughter mixed with the conversation while music played in the background and groups of people gathered at the various tables or stood at the bar.

The conversations were a varied lot.

“Hey, remember the time we let the goose go in the gym and the janitor had to corner it with a trash barrel?”

“What ever happened to Kevin T? I heard he moved to Australia.”

“How is your mother? I haven’t seen her since we went to the prom and she dropped us off.”

“Can you believe it’s been forty-seven years since we graduated… CHS ’74? Where does the time go?”

Emma tapped Emily on the shoulder, and they headed back out into the parking lot. “Notice anything about the cars here?” she asked.

Emily looked around and shrugged. “They’re just cars.”

“Look again.”

Emily looked at all the cars, seeing nothing that jumped out at her, but then it hit her. The license plates. They were from all over the country. Some as far away as California or Texas. Some were clearly rental cars driven by people from who knows where.

“They’re from all over. Some of these people traveled here from far away.”

“And why do you think that is?”

“I suppose to see friends and family. To revisit a place important to them.”

“That’s exactly it, my dear. You see, the world is full of things that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. This town has a bit of magic to it. It embeds itself within those who grew up here and plays a big part in making them what they are.” Emma smiled at her little friend. “For most of them, it will always be home. And do you know why?”

Emily thought for a moment. “Well, since this little quest of ours has been about finding the spark that keeps the Christmas Spirit alive, I suppose it is about remembering the important things in our lives and somehow this town is… ahh… worth remembering?”

Emma nodded. “You’ve discovered another important secret about the Christmas Spirit. It is One of the Few Things Worth Remembering…”

Part XII: Hope may be invisible, but it is always with us.

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