Your Assignment, Should You Accept It

I hereby present an open invitation to someone, anyone, who can articulate, present, or show one iota of verifiable evidence that voter fraud had any effect on the outcome of the Presidential Election.

I will put it here and shout it to the world should anyone succeed in this effort,

Here’s your chance to prove the allegation and rehabilitate the floundering, sniveling, lying, Carnival barker, former President of the United States who, lacking the bully pulpit of the Presidency and the implied (although in his case, misplaced) credibility of the office, now wanders the country seeking out his fellow “delusionistas” and wailing how the election was stolen.

Show me one scintilla of evidence fraudulent votes changed this election.

The Greek Chorus

I’ll wait.

Until then, muzzle the former POTUS (Prevaricator of the United States.) He is an international embarrassment acting like a spoiled child.

Bonus points if you can explain Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, the maniac and the molester tag team running amuck in Congress. Trump, Greene, and Gaetz are a boil on America’s rear end and they need to be lanced.

When we teach kids that anyone in this country can go to Congress or become President, I am certain this is not what we had in mind.

One thought on “Your Assignment, Should You Accept It

  1. We need to add a mental health evaluation to the process of becoming any public official, even School Committee!

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