A (Garbled) Message from the Stars

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.  And I’m not so sure about the universe. 

Albert Einstein

Twenty-nine percent of Americans believe in Astrology which is close to the number who also believe in Creationism (Forty percent). All of which may explain quite a bit of the current conditions in the country.

That people believe in a Pseudo-science (astrology) and ignore the overwhelming evidence of Evolution to embrace Creationism underscores the growing anti-intellectual phenomenon plaquing the US.

I find the astrology aspect particularly amusing. Here’s a sample of astrological prognostications for my “sign” Leo for June 16, 2021.  These are just a few of the thousands of sites that offer such pabulum. Some put “for entertainment purposes only”  as a disclaimer, but they don’t really mean it as demonstrated by the mini font.

“Withdrawing into your burrow isn’t always easy for a fire sign like yourself. But, you’re heavily meditated and thriving in your own company. This is what having your third eye lit looks and feels like, Leo! On your cards today: looking at the stars and exploring the mysteries of what lies beyond. If there is a teacher, guru or practitioner you connect with deeply, now is the time to imbibe their teachings in a way that feels authentic to you.”


“Leo sign people are likely to strengthen their relationship with their boss. Situations will improve further in the workplace. A wish may get fulfilled today. Those who are working in the government sector will get even better results today. Your familial life will remain good. Your health will remain fine. You are likely to make monetary gains.” 


“You are blessed by the moon. Happiness may be around you, it can help you to enjoy your day to day work. Your vital power may help you to take tough decisions, which will increase your profits in the near future.”


“The moon in Virgo activates the financial sector of your chart today, encouraging you to get your budget organized and think about how to create more abundance and security in your life. You’re ready to make exciting changes in your career as the moon mingles with Uranus!


So, ignoring for the moment the complexities of planetary mechanics, the phenomenon of the procession of the equinoxes (a 26000-year orbit of the earth’s axis, altering the relative position of the earth/sun alignment and thus placing the Sun during the Spring equinox this year in the “House of Pisces” when in the year 4600 BCE the Sun was in Capricorn,) and the realities of the continuous and accelerating expansion of the universe, what possesses people to embrace such nonsense?

Such complexities matter little when people want to believe something despite all the evidence to the contrary—things like vaccines causing autism, another well debunked fallacy.

I cannot decide which of these horoscopes to embrace, and I worry about the last one from Vice.com.  I am fairly certain having the moon mingling with Uranus might be an unpleasant experience and is likely still illegal in a few states.

Besides, my psychic advisor told me I should ignore such things while my aura was in a weakened state.


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