Good for the Goose…

When he who will not be named sat in the Oval Office, it became the national sport to tally the lies, insults, and misogynistic hubris emanating from the maws of the source.  And I spent a great deal of time and effort writing about it, criticizing it, and arguing with the blind sheep who ignored it because “he was draining the swamp.”

Since we now live in a society where everyone must be labeled, I have been characterized as a “leftist” (despite the fact I am right-handed), a “socialist” (although many will tell you I am anything but social), or a communist (despite my proclivity toward solitary activity such as writing and avoiding “collectives” and crowds.)

Such is the world we live in. Despite these stereotypical misnomers, I continue to point out whatever I see to be incompetent, arrogant, or unlawful behavior with political figures.  Which brings me to the Governor Andrew Cuomo saga.

And in the interest of equanimity, I have a bone of contention to pick with the Governor.

Now I have already written a piece that concerns itself with trial by innuendo regarding the allegations of sexual harassment. (

The article does does not defend Cuomo or his actions, but merely points out the danger of drawing conclusions based almost exclusively on media reports or granting blanket grants of credibility to allegations of sexual harassment.

But this piece is about something more concrete. Something the Governor acknowledges he and others in his administration did.

Resign Governor Cuomo. It is what honorable people do when they lie.

Joe Broadmeadow

They lied about the death toll in New York nursing homes for purely political reasons.  Intentionally underreporting the numbers of dead from Covid-19 because they feared he who will not be named would use it as political ammunition.

Cuomo was correct. He who will not be named undoubtedly would have. He who will not be named spent the entire pandemic twisting facts, downplaying the severity, and lying about the number of deaths.

Cuomo was also wrong, dead wrong, to resort to exactly the same tactics as He who will not be named in trying to protect his political position by lying. (

Misleading the people for political purposes is the most horrendous act an elected official can take. There is only one course for the Governor to follow if for no other reason than to set a standard for future acts by political figures.

Under the circumstances of a clear admission of lying to the public for political purposes, the Governor should resign. And Americans should place the truthfulness, or lack thereof, of political figures above any political agreement they may have with the particular policies of the individual.

No one deserves to stay in office if they lie no matter how well-intentioned their actions may be. No one is indispensable.

There is never any justification to lie to the American people about anything. Not death tolls from pandemics or wars. Not the severity of economic hardships. Not the results of elections. Not anything.  The American people need to know the truth in all its ugliness.

Resign Governor Cuomo. It is what honorable people do when they make a mistake.


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