‘Twas: A Christmas Mystery Part III

And here continues the Christmas Saga of 2020. Like the days of yore when newspapers published anxiously anticipated serialized stories, here is my annual version, Hidden within the words is a secret message. Find the secret and send an email to me at joe.broadmeadow@hotmail.com with the subject line, MAGIC. First five to discover the secret wins a copy of every book I publish this year.

This story is as old as the legend of St. Nicholas, handed down over years and years. Told to Christmas Elves as they rested from their work, there is magic within if you’ve the heart and eyes to see it.
But don’t look for it, feel it in your heart. Speak the words to learn the secret

Part III

Settled in for the night, I had just drifted off to sleep when I felt a tap on my leg.

Down at the bottom of my bed stood Jedidiah, finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. For a moment I thought I was dreaming, then I realized he wanted me to follow him.

A bit of the sleep fog still rattled my brain, but I dressed quickly, and Jedidiah led the way. Long, narrow hallways where I had to duck down, created a maze of pathways in the Elf quarters.

Winter’s howling winds, drifting the snow and shaking the trees, raged past the windows with some drifts covering them completely.

“Nap,” I said through a yawn, “sleep, tired, why are we doing this?”

When we made it to the main operations area, I stopped in disbelief. Out in the main launch area sat Santa’s training sled, used to practice take-offs and landings

On one side stood Santa, on the other stood Mrs. Claus and Mamma Elf.

“The time has come, my boy,” said Santa. Lawn and green forests await you.”

There was confusion in my mind, and I shook my head in disbelief. Arose? Such was my confusion even the right words eluded me.

A moment later, Santa stepped close. Clatter, for that’s what it was whenever he walked with the bells jingling on his belt, brought me out of my confusion.

“I know this sounds confusing,” Santa said, “I know you want to understand where you came from but be careful my boy of things who might seek to do you harm.”  

Sprang from slumber, now faced with a confusion of thoughts, my mind tried to understand.

From behind me I felt Jedidiah’s hand on my back. “The time is now my friend, you want to find out where you came from, I want to help you. Bed and sleep can wait. To the sky we shall go and find what you seek.”

See, I didn’t think I would ever actually go. What I said to Jedidiah was more wishful thinking. Was this happening?

The sled was readied, four of the strongest reindeer all harnessed in place, and we had only to climb aboard.

Matter of fact, I was terrified to fly but knew I had to go since my friend had made this happen and something inside me, I had no idea what it was, told me I had to do this…

Away we flew. To what, I would soon discover.

Part IV Tomorrow!

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