A Conundrum for 2024

Under the category “It Couldn’t Get Any Stranger, Could it?” I have proof it has.

Donald Trump, in his quest to alter reality, through his legal eagle lawyer, filed a case (in the wrong court mind you) entitled

Donald Trump For President, INC. et.al.

Docket number 1:2020cv01567

Yes, you read that correctly. The President of the United States sued America. He is suing us!

It’s like being sued by your child, only worse.

How this is part of the plan to Make America Great Again is anybody’s guess.

Here’s an image of the case from the Federal Claims Court

Shortly after the court stopped laughing, they ordered the matter transferred to the US District Court in Michigan. Then they started laughing again.

Recognizing this might be a bad thing, and after taking the wrapping off his Federal Rules of Procedures and looking for a hint, his lawyer said “Oops” and filed a motion to dismiss.

Which, in between giggling, snickering, and wiping tears from their eyes, the court granted.

This legal circus is all a smokescreen for the real intent. If Mr. Trump doesn’t know he has less chance of winning any legal challenges to this election than a Russian opposition candidate has in challenging Vladimir Putin (and living to talk about it) he is a fool.

But we know he is not a fool, he is a scam artist. The President formed the Official Election Defense Fund. Ostensibly to challenge the election results.


The devil is in the details (and in Mar-a-Lago last I heard altering his golf scorecards to qualify for the Pro Tour.)

It would seem that any donation above $8,333 can go to fighting the results, however 60% of the donations go to a recently formed PAC which is barred from using funds for such purposes.

They can, lo and behold, be used to promote a run in 2024, or, perhaps, for a defense fund should one be needed in the near future.

Our worst nightmare, they are plotting a return. George Orwell had the date wrong. Not 1984 but 2024.

This raises an interesting question. I’d ask his lawyer but I’m not sure he’s read criminal procedure yet either.

Will President Trump, since he is eligible for another term as President, have to seek permission from his Parole Officer to leave the state every time he wishes to hold a rally?

Inquiring minds want to know…

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Just kidding…I know it will be too soon for him to be on Parole.


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