We Are a Country of Laws not Allegations

We are a country of law—not opinions, not perceptions, not beliefs, not accusations, but law. And it is under the law that this country survives.

No person, no institution, no office is above the law, nor do they get to determine of their own volition how the law may be applied. Congress enacts laws, the Executive branch enforces the laws, and the Judiciary interprets the law. Each of these elements must operate under the law.

No one individual can circumvent that for any purpose. We do not derail the peaceful transfer of power solely on the word of one man, not even if that man is a sitting President.

Theodore Boutrous: A First Amendment Blind Spot - WSJ

President Trump is on the brink of defying the people’s will by taking the law into his own hands. His purpose or rationalization is meaningless. His intent is unworthy of consideration. It is his actions that cause great concern.

He would have us abandon a two hundred and thirty year tradition of the peaceful transfer of power based on an allegation unsupported by any evidence, let alone a finding in a court of law.

By delaying the transition of power, he is violating the spirit of the law and the long history of this process. Once the individual states certify the vote, and the Electoral college casts the ballots giving Mr. Biden the total to become the next President, the law is clear. Mr. Trump’s continued refusal to abide by the spirit of the law will cross the line from obstinance to a criminal act .

I would remind those who support him that, not that long ago, many people and sitting members of Congress believed Mr. Trump guilty of impeachable offenses.

But the law determined he was not guilty, because the evidence did not support it. How one felt or what one thought about the decision doesn’t matter, it was made within the framework of the law. The same law we live by and need support.

Opinions, no matter how sincerely held, are meaningless under the law. Whether or not you supported the decision against impeachment is pointless. Whether you believe it was strictly political maneuvering that started the process and similar political maneuvering that ended it is meaningless.

The only thing that matters is the finding under the law.

Allegations of voter fraud are meaningless until a court decides under the law affirming such crimes. Until then, the presumption of any who may face charges is that they are innocent.

Thus, under our law, the integrity of the system remains trustworthy.

For Mr. Trump to recklessly and unlawfully obstruct the transition of power after the vote is certified because he “believes” there was widespread voter fraud is tantamount to a crime against the United States. A criminal act for which he, and anyone who actively takes part in this obstruction of the transition of power, should face charges.

Under our system, should this alleged widespread voter fraud be proven in court, Congress has remedies to address the issue. Until then, it is incumbent on all duly elected officials to support the peaceful transfer of power and to stand firm against a President seeking to subvert the system for his own benefit.


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