The Unmasking of America

The recent turn of events with the health of the President serves a valuable purpose. It has unmasked the unmistakable ignorance of many Americans to basic science and their susceptibility to confirmation bias.

Many of us need a scapegoat, a useful target to blame for anything we cannot understand, refuse to accept, or find in opposition to our own beliefs. The evidence to the contrary be damned.

Thus, many of us look toward those we disagree with and see the enemy conspiring to destroy all we hold dear. There was a time in America when a difference of opinion, freely expressed and acknowledged, was seen as one of our strongest assets.

Now the art of compromise is seen as weakness, or surrender.

A wholesale lunacy has taken possession of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum.

QAnon, about as ludicrous a belief could ever be, infects the minds of those on the right who see evil in any progressive platforms or political figures. Those who hold such fantastic beliefs (the word derived from the Latin phantasticus, meaning  imaginary) border on psychotic.

We're All Mad Here: Weinstein, Women, and the Language of Lunacy

On the other hand, the Antifa philosophy, while less a movement then an irrational attitude toward all manner of necessary, if imperfect, authority, shares an equally dangerous psychosis. Anarchy is not a solution, it is a path to destruction.

It is not just about me, it is only about me.

That such diametrically opposed idiocy gains traction with even a measurable percentage of the American population is a sad commentary on our educational system. If we cannot educate Americans and equip them with adequate skills to recognize such absurdity, let alone embrace it, how can we trust them to make a rational choice in elections.

The image of the President of the United States, while under quarantine, diagnosed with a highly communicable, often debilitating, and sometimes fatal disease, ordering two Secret Service agents to take him for a joy ride when any human with the slightest modicum of concern for infecting them or others would remain in the hospital, is horrifying.

If his purpose was to demonstrate he is fit and well enough to be President, a hero fighting the disease like a soldier sent off to fight an enemy, he failed. If anything his actions should give most people pause. All he did was reinforce the now clear picture of this man’s Presidency and his whole life.

It can be summed up in a few words. It is not just about me, it is only about me.

If there is a god, she must have been ignoring our plea for her blessing.


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