Trump’s Transgressions Against America

I was asked recently to list any crimes or criminal activity one might level at Mr. Trump and his administration. I took a bit of time to consider the response and decided this was a better forum.

While the full extent of any crimes is yet to be uncovered, I think there is more than enough concern, when taken as a whole, that there is something fundamentally unsound in this administration and the President.

Now those who support the President will be quick to point to the economy as a worthy justification for supporting the President’s policies and behavior. But, as most understand, the economy is much more complicated than can be influenced by one man no matter how powerful the office.

With that said here are some highlights of things we know have happened, that the president had direct involvement, and for which most would consider criminal. No doubt there will be much more to follow.

  1. Soliciting a Foreign Government to Interfere in an Election (2016 Campaign/Russia  2019/Ukraine)
  2. Used intermediaries to circumvent campaign finance laws. (NRA PAC/Russian money)
  3. Trump Administration or Campaign officials indicted/convicted 7

If Mr. Trump were the head of an Organized Crime Family (some might argue, with merit, that he is) he’d be facing charges under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Statute and the CCE (Continuing Criminal Enterprise) Statute.

Mr. Trump does bear responsibility for those under his direct authority. The fact that in just the two years he’s been in office there has been enormous turnover in the administration and seven convictions is troubling. Can we deduce anything from this?

A look at past history of administrations might be illuminating.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some interesting graphics.


History alone tells us the Republicans seem to have a consistent history of not only violating the law on a continuing basis but no propensity to offer candidates with higher moral standard.

If the law matters, than on that basis alone the Democrats are a better choice. In Mr. Trump’s case, all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about unfair investigations and hearings are just that, sound and fury signifying nothing.

Once the full story comes out, and it will, with all the evidence, testimony, and full disclosure the truth of the corrupt nature of this administration will be clear. Whether he can “trump” Mr. Nixon’s record is unclear but he is certainly in the running for a close second as the most corrupt administration in history.

And, as Mr. Trump is wont to say “his staggering and unmatched brillance” is in charge of it all.

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